The Crown

Life beyond this world
Was what the message read
Claiming there is something more
To think about instead

The tendancy to love self
Is a trap which dulls the light
But if you concentrate on self
Your soul becomes less bright

No time for flower child talks
No time for spiritual chatter
Setting aside our true purpose
Forgotten about what matters

It went on for a moment
You can cast aside your woes
Your doubts and frustrations
You won’t be needing those

For all that you seek
You have from within
Your voice of conscience
I tell you it is Him

I promise you my life
Has been an uphill climb
My struggles and anguish
I wish no one would find

But in our darkest moments
In fact our deepest time of need
Is when the flower within
Starts growing from that seed

You know the seed I speak of
We’re given it from conception
The thing that turns around
Placing us in the right direction

I tell you I have known sorrow
It might just boggle your mind
But I handed it all over
To a place so divine

Keep your eye past this life
There are true riches there
With real beauty and love
It flows every where

So when this world begins
To tear your heart down
Remember your path has been marked
By He who wears the crown