Your Biggest Regret

  There have been times in my life when I have learned, the hard way; that these moments will never come again. I will never again be inclined to say these exact words to you, again. While it is true that I will still talk to you, and write my thought s and sometimes rhymes; they will not be about this very moment.

  This very second is unique; it has never been experienced before and it never will again. You may ask why this thought is important; it is a fair question, after all. If we fail to appreciate what we have now…the future will be nothing but memories of what we regret. We may regret not saying enough; or saying too much. There should be no room for regret; make the most of today, it is what we are supposed to do.

  Now having said that, I must include another thought; in this moment that we are making the most of, CHOOSE TO LOVE. This is an important statement, because I do not want to give you a false impression or idea; when I suggest making the most of your moments in life. This is not about the ego; the ego is false, we created it. Things and possessions are not going to make a difference in our lives; in the grand scheme of things. I am suggesting that monetary gains will not enrich your growth; and at the end of your path…what memory can money bring you?

  The warmest feeling I have ever experienced was with a homeless man on the beach. I was sitting on a bench overlooking the boardwalk; it was sunset and I was just enjoying the serenity of the moment. I guess, in after thought, I was sitting on the spot he laid on. He was dirty, seemingly having not bathed in a while, and carried his belongings in a bag, thrown over his shoulder.  But I didn’t walk away, as I was prompted by friends; instead I stayed on that bench and listened as this stranger talked to me. I suppose my friends were doing what most of us do; walk away from that which we do not understand. But on this day; I wanted to know more.

  I do not recall the entire conversation; only that at the end he told me that no one ever took the time to listen to him. This thought brought me to tears; he was thanking me for not ignoring him, for being human. I remember touching the top of his hand; while I thanked him for talking to me. I can not recall another moment when I felt so good. This man was thanking me; when I should have thanked him. He gave me a part of himself; all I had to do was turn off the outside interference and listen. In that one single slight conversation; He and I displayed how we should love one another.

  I will forever think that he was an angel sent to me; sometimes I am still brought to tears when I recall that day.

  How many lost opportunities have you experienced? The greatest lessons in our lives come from the most unexpected places; that is what love is. Love is just taking the time; the extra time needed to see things a little more clearly. Love is a smile, which we haven’t yet extended. Why do we need an excuse to be kind to another person? This man did not ask me for a single penny, he just wanted to talk. He had something to say.

  I am urging you to look past what the world is telling you and search your own heart. The world will tell you to turn your back on people; people of different races, religions or geographic locations. I am telling you; when we turn our backs on mankind, we are creating our own demise.

  There is no reason to hate anyone or anything…ever. Why should you love someone who has shown you the hate or indifference? Love people because that is what you are supposed to do. Why is it so hard? Because we have forgotten that we were supposed to do it. The more we show and express love, the more we remind others of their path, as well.

  I hope you do not live a single moment of regret; for regret is a terminal illness which will kill your soul. Be kind to one another as often as humanly possible; before your life becomes your biggest regret.