Tear Drop

Everything must become

What it is now supposed to be

Like taking the caged bird

Finally setting it free

It is often hard to let it go

Used to seeing it every day

But even the beautiful bird

Has its own path…its own way

Even if it causes us sorrow

Even if gives us great pain

Everything must become what it is

Not about personal gain

Relationships will alter

Something yet to be known

One day we will all look back

At how we have finally grown

A tear will begin to finally dry

A broken heart will make it through

Even if we thought they wouldn’t

We have love yet to bloom

We have inside every heart

The seed of uncultivated grace

With evolution we learn to spread

It among the human race

We fear what we do not understand

But our understanding should be clear

When holding on to the wings of love

We have never had anything to fear

You are not different than me

Even we look nothing alike

For we were created from the same

Beautiful image…amazing light

The difference we think we have

Were created by man made hate

It has nothing do to with who we are

Look at the negative things we create

We teach our children to be indifferent

We show them by our actions

No wonder they are so violent

Always seeking material satisfaction

Like teaching someone to be a lion

And expecting them to be like a deer

Why do we cause such confusion

What is really happening here

We say one thing daily

While choosing to do another

Saying be kind to our neighbors

While killing our sisters and brothers

And we wonder why our children

Are confused about their place

We have bred hate and indifference

In a most precious place

We are responsible…forever

We distribute evil of the mind

While forgetting our true course

We destroy all of mankind

The victor is who is left standing…REALLY?

Who ever told us that lie

Putting man against man

Only the strong will survive?

Strength of the body is not real

In fact, it is not even here

Or else why would talk to the dead

When their body is nowhere near

It is only the heart and soul

Which matters in this place

Even when you feel the light of a smile

It’s through our Creators Grace

Let go of the inconsistencies’

Hold on only to this one last thing

It is not what others do for you

But the love that you, yourself bring

So point not your finger in anger

Instead acknowledge beauty all around

Teach your children of your mistakes

And the love you have found

For love will make you complete

It will mend bridges…tear down walls

Please make a change now

Before another tear drop falls