Move On

Appreciate every single day

These moments are so rare

We have such a small window

To show how much we care

Appreciate every hug you get

Every ray of God’s light

Appreciate waking up every morning

And experiencing every night

Tell those you love that you do

Remind them with every breath

From you most recent encounter

Starting the day you met

Smile…even in conversation

Appreciate laughter when you may

Life is a true blessing and

We don’t know how long we’ll stay

Grieve not the regrets we have

For we can not fix the past

But hold steady onto the love

The only thing meant to last

Even as a tear falls from

Your beautiful misty eyes

You are loved beyond the grave

By a Source most wise

Appreciate the moments

They never come again

Share the love with family

And as you gather with friends

Look straight ahead now

For if you let this slip away

You will again feel regret

For lost moments from today

Let your heart feel its sorrow

It must cry a little too

But do not let grief own

The beauty which is you

It’s hard to say goodbye

To those we love and trust

But only the flesh is gone

They still love you just as much

They didn’t leave you at all

Although I know your hearts pain

For I, too, know about loss

When only you remain

I have felt your heart break

My heart too, has been shattered

When my love was sent home

Felt like I didn’t matter

Love not waste not

Your memories will prevail

You will love again

It will happen without fail

Then one day you will wake

And before you know its true

Your sadness with give way

To what you were meant to do

So before you are stuck in gloom

Appreciate the dawn

Time…it waits for no one

And it always does move on