A single tear falls
What does it contain
Salt and water
But what else remains

I remember her words
Almost too well
Her many life lessons
As another tear fell

Every single drop of water
Which is released from your eye
Contains all your hope…dreams
Love…and even sadness…as she sighed

I know you may hide your face
A weakness is what you see
But what you are showing is love
She continued on softly

A single drop from you
Is a love letter of song
Showing the world
What we’ve known all along

Your hearts beat
Your souls true flow
Is part of Gods great lesson
It’s time that you did know

When tears fall from our bodies
We share the blessings from within
Sending part of ourselves
To the earth our Godly friend

So cry as you may need
My sweet daughter of mine
For your sharing yourself
In a way which is most divine

She held me close that day
Filling up my broken heart
Little was I to know then
It was her plan from the start

For even the slightest crack
Our heart may have to endure
Can begin again to heal
When the love  given is pure

So share yourself with us
Let the tears fall if they must
For like if you werent here
The earth would only be dust

Just follow up your tears always
With that smile of bright light
Know that we are all here for love
and everything will be  all right