With Our Heart

Children are dying
Soldiers of the street
Not killing for profit
Just food to eat

Mothers being abused
Beaten until they bleed
Overlooked by the system
Forsaking basic needs

Fathers feeling helpless
No jobs to be found
Homeless and judged
Their bed…the cold ground

We stand watching
Our brothers up in arms
Our own ill intention
Is causing them harm

Wake up and watch
Keep your eyes on the view
For this thing called poverty
It could happen to you

No more pointing the finger
No more laughter at their expense
The evils we all do
Just doesn’t make any sense

Are they different from us
Because we don’t have it so hard
What makes it easy to watch
People as they starve

What makes us so cold
Hardening our heart
Our own selfish needs
Tearing us apart

Reach out your hand
To one who has a need
The way we are living
Nothing but greed

If we loved ourselves
As we loved all else
We would spiritually die
Eternally burning in Hell

Open up your hearts
As you open up your eyes
This living for”Me”
Has been a great lie

For a life without love
Is a life not yet lived
It’s not what’s in it for you
But how much did you give

Give back to the earth
Clean up the ground
Stop shaking your heads
Aimlessly standing around

Speak out against violence
Be the voice yet unheard
Those lies we were told
Don’t believe a word

Uplift your neighbor
A possibility can create
A change in us all
The difference we can make

Take that first bold step
In making a fresh start
For when we speak of God
We’re talking with our hearts