Let’s take further examination
Of this gender assault
Why when it comes to rape
Why do we assume it is her fault

Some will say I’m wrong
To make such a claim
But if you saw through my eyes
You would say the same

We live in a society of people
Where the “B” word is glammed
Saying this is what you are
But it’s not who I am

Music and movies
Throw the term up in lights
But I’m up today saying
It is NOT alright

We make it cool to demean women
Saying it is only just a word
But the ignorance of that statement
Is just simply absurd

Okay so back to my topic
Yes…rape is a crime
So why must SHE stand on trial
Every single time

Why is her behavior attacked
Why is her clothing critiqued
Why do we claim that the man
Is a victim…he is weak

Why is she criticized for bathing
Scrubbing him off of her skin
What…not enough bruising?
You should examine from within

For this child of God
The “B” word to some
Just went out for a drink
Just to have some fun

So why wasn’t he asked a question
What were you doing out so late
Who gave you permission
To force sex on a date

Why not ask him why he showered
After making this intrusion
The idea of REAL justice
Just another man made illusion

How do I know that it’s so
How can I be certain of this
Let’s just say I don’t need to assume
Because I know how it is

Not only is her body degraded once
But will be once again
When she is put under a microscope
By family and friends

And don’t forget a court system
Which claims to seek the truth
But it isn’t what you know
Only…what you can prove

I”m back to the “B” word again
I just can’t bring myself to repeat
The vile words used for women
By almost eveyone we meet

But the relationship is obvious
But I don’t mind shining some light
When we make demeaning women okay
We are saying rape is alright

No, you don’t agree?
I can see you are alarmed
You don’t find the word as evil
As sexual acts which cause harm?

If that is the case
You just made my job simple
To attack my name is as wrong
As assaulting my body…a temple

Am I making too much bother
About something you would not do?
Be aware my good brother
The world is watching you

You may not call her a name
Or sexually invade her space
But there are women you know
That could take her place

Do you care now?
Does it bother you more?
To think about your daughter…mother
Or the sweet girl next door

When we allow our fellow man
To make excuses for such acts
We submissively saying …okay
I have no problem with that

So I am asking you to be real
When “The Boys” are hanging around
Be the example that they need
Not just a face in a crowd

For when we allow this to happen
Foul acts and fouler names
We create a cycle of bitterness
Where the scars always remain

Be the voice of a Creator
Which screams NO MORE
Become the  watcher of HIS sheep
What you were created for

Think twice about your words
And those of others too
Stand up…be strong
Your path is waiting for you