Welcome Guest

You came for a visit
One beautiful autumn day
I guess I never thought about
When you would go away

I suppose children don’t give it thought
This thing people call grief
But when it falls upon you
We are constantly seeking relief

I can still remember our great times
When it was just you and me
Smiling past grief filled tears
Not sure how this could really be

I often still seek you
When everything seems amiss
Your sweet sunshine smile
What am I to do with this

I miss your face appearing
When you called on the phone
Such pain and anguish
More than I have ever known

I have happiness of course
God made sure I realize
That the love you gave
Was never a disguise

I can almost hear your responses
When someone says something odd
Just further proof that we are children
Of a most gracious God

I may always have this longing
Deep within my soul
I’m left only with my writing
My own way of letting go

How does one really let go
Of such a true loving source
Being ever cautious…diligent
With my hearts true course

So I send on to others
Your message and mine too
Be careful with your words
And everything you may do

For the one regret
I hope they never have to know
Is the failure of Love
Or telling someone so

I miss you as always
Just every single little thing
But grateful for your new life
And all that may bring

Check in on us as often
As you may seem fit
And if I ever needed proof of God
No question…you are it

Don’t let my tears confuse you
I know it was your time
But sometimes my selfishness
Just makes me want to cry

Until next time when
I sit down to write my best
Where in my heart and mind
You are  a most welcome guest