Just Like You

Thank you to the heroes

Ones you see every day

Even if they don’t

See themselves this way

Thank you for your fight

Thank you for taking a stand

Thank you for being you

By simply reaching out a hand

Those hearts you have touched

May not know your grace

But there is something about you

A smile on an angels face

But I recognized it…definitely

I saw your halo shining through

You don’t even know your heroics

You’re just trying to be you

But whilst being you

You saved a child today

Because of your love

They get a chance to play

It’s an honor to even know you

Though I knew you would be

The answer to children’s prayers

This is your destiny

You set a fine example

Of what we should do

When God shines his light

On the evil he does rue

Yet even at great cost

Much more than we could know

Other angels like you still

Revealed your inner glow

So shine on truth seeker

Enforcer of divine love

There are hearts to be mended

More than we speak of

And as the sun rises again

As it most definitely shall do

I will stand and applaud the heroics

In angels just like you

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