Let God

I will ask you today

Love without demand

Say…I am here for you

By holding out your hand

Smile through tears

Stemming from your pain

Hard as it may be

I’ll ask you to do it again

Heal your broken heart

By gathering pieces for another

Our pain seems to matter less

When providing service for a brother

Reach past your pain now

It’s a hard task I know

But to take it a step further

Let the pain inside you go

Sometimes we hold onto pain

To make sense of the scars

No need in pointing fingers

You know who you are

Release the pain…its okay

The troubles you have known

Will provide a road map for others

When they see how much you’ve grown

Smile past the frustration

For when you do not concede

You are given TRUE strength

More than you may ever need

Smile and keep smiling

Even when your heart is breaking

Smile through every disaster

Even while your world is shaking

For behind that smile so sweet

Is the strength of God indeed

Who has showed us mighty power

IN the smallest mustard seed

Smile and hold your head high

For at the end of this rainbow

Is the love of God for all

Wherever the wind may blow

Rise above our true selves

Attack hope…never

Spread the good news always

We are loved forever

I ask you today again

Be the change that you seek

Providing a souls nourishment

Giving strength to the weak

And at the end of your journey

Know that you did your best

Have faith in your light

And let God do the rest