This Moment

If for only one moment

I could have life today

There would be no suffering

Or hurt in any way

If only for a moment

Our hearts would be filled

With only thoughts of harmony

Loving each other still

If only for one moment

A tear would not be in vain

And I could reach up to heaven

To touch your face again

If only for one moment

We could share just one smile

To see your eyes of blue

For just a little while

If only for this moment

I could tell others too

Moments are too quick

Have caution in what you do

For a moment that was lost

Became the last we’d ever know

Now every moment with you

Is a random memory…so

Love live and laugh I ask

Every single day

Or you will struggle with missed moments

How I live today

If only for a moment

I could have your attention

Loss of life can be more painful

That anyone could ever mention

Smile into each other’s hearts

Create a warmer glow

Don’t give cause for another

I told you so

For this moment with you

Is the best that I can give

Reminding you to remember

We’ve only one life to live

Live it to the fullest

Make no room for regret

Remember to remember

Lest you will forget

Grab joy where you find it

In the corners of your mind

A clearer slice of Heaven

Here…we may never find

Care for each other’s hearts

Fragile as they may be

Let go of the anger and

Unbridled hostility

A smile is not weakness

But deeper even still

Anger is not strength

Never been God’s will

So if only for this moment

Your attention I could take

To warn against the pain

And precious hearts you break

During our moment today

I give thanks to you

Because during this moment

You gave me something too

What you didn’t see it?

How could you miss its tracks?

You gave me your time

Something you never get back

So in this moment

If one things came through

Know I appreciate the gift

Of time spent with you

What does a moment matter

In the moments we go through

A moment says you matter

It says I love you

**Please leave NOT ONE moment underappreciated…they are rare gifts**

L.M. Young