We will only fail

If we don’t try

Yet in our silence

Even more will die

In our lesser selves

While we wait for another to do

What we could and should

God is looking at you

Wipe away your innocence

I’ve said it all before

Always looking for blessings

Yet shutting all God’s doors

How long will we do nothing

Make excuses for our hate

Believing we’re doing our best

All the lies we do create

Shame on our indifference

We know better by now

And in case you’re curious

I’ll gladly show you how

Smile like you mean it

Speak up against wrong

Stop living the lie

We’ve been doing it too long

Children aren’t punching bags

Love does not leave scars

We know the Truth

It defines who we are

You are the chance

Humanity waits for

Continue releasing love

The give love some more

Break the silent code

Honor isn’t in walking away

Stand up to the challenge

Start living today

Be the change you seek

Look in the mirror at you

Knowing the reflection

That is showing through

Is a true semblance

Of humanity and hope revealed

Please do what you say

And say what you feel

Wrong is wrong no matter

What angle you take

Be thoughtful with your words

Promises that you make

In leaving I will tell you

I love you never any less

May your path be paved in peace

And your lives forever blessed

Walk with your Creator

You will be lost never

For our most gracious King

Loves us forever