A Blessed Gift

Another lifelong memory

They often come too fast

Yet every memory I recall

Creates more smiles than the last

Sometimes tears still fall

Out of nowhere they release

The pain is all too obvious

But can’t hide what’s underneath

And the core layer of this

Is so much love outpouring

My soul has taken wings

Like an eagle we are soaring

You give my spirit warmth

It smiles when you arrive

Giving me more reason

Thankful I am alive

For in my life I knew you

And even on day like today

When my heart is aching

I find more smiles this way

So happy birthday to you

God’s presents know how to touch

The very heart of a soul

Even though I miss you so much

So today and always dear one

Thank you for a life well spent

And thank God for sharing you

We have loved you ever since

I love you even in grief

My tears are filled with joy

It helps fill the gaps

Your leaving left a void

But I am thankful still you know

For you touched a life in need

Yes thank God for this always

A blessed gift indeed