He Is Watching Us

I am but a woman

Heard that a lot this year

Try though to muffle my voice

But…I am still here

My issues are very real

My consideration no less

For my pleas are just as important

Without contest

Push me if you may

I am prepared for that too

But expect no less of me

Than I expect of you

I will survive in struggle

I will surpass in deeds

For my Father walks with me

He is all I will ever need

As soon as we all realize

We create our own lines

We will find our truer selves

Deep in our hearts and minds

Do not treat me better

But be fair just the same

For by destroying my will

You have nothing to gain

For beating me down

Is simply destroying you

There are life lessons

Only I can help get through

The nurturing nature of woman

The love at the end of a day

The kind nod of assurance

Saying…it will be okay

The hand that you reach for

The hug that says your home

More support and guidance

Than you have ever known

So the battle…it is over

The winner without question

Is the one with the biggest heart

With our Creator’s intention

Lay your weapons aside

There is no war with us

Keep your eye on the sparrow

For he is watching us