What to wear today

So many things to choose

But if you were homeless

What would you do?

Sick of people and their noise

Don’t want to hear their mess

But if you were deaf…

Would it bother you less?

Children’s endless banter

Shut up or go to your room

Would you choose that thought

If they would be gone too soon

I’m too tired to walk

Can barely take another step

But if your legs were gone

You’d feel different I bet

We are surrounded by blessings

The air we inhale and breathe

The flowers we rush past

The birds in the trees

Children crying in rhythm

A song in the air

Life just gets lighter

When you choose to care

It is a choice remember

We get to make it real

Make your moments last

There’s more I must reveal

Hope and dreams endless

We choose how we will live

It isn’t about receiving

What do we choose to give

Will you give someone your time

Will you hand out a free smile

Will you offer a kind word

Although you’ve heard none in a while

Will you look past you

Will you see all else

Will you give out love

And stop choosing self

Will you uplift others

Even when you are blue

Will you be a better person

What will you choose