You are not me

I am not you

But be kind just the same

In all that you do

For there may come a day

When you will reach out

To only indifference

Reluctance and doubt

The look of disapproval

Or judgmental stare

Can be felt in your soul

When we fail to care

Your hand may be slapped

When you ask while in need

So be cautious of your words

And the cycles that you breed

Hate is a weapon of destruction

Kills the soul of mankind

Listen not just hear

Stop living in the blind

For whatever you do give

Is as good as you may get

We were created by ONE

We should never forget

Our world is on fire

There are bodies being maimed

Killing women and children

We should all be ashamed

For we are no better

Than one or the other

That man you attacked

He is your spiritual brother

Step back from this place

Take a deep breath

Start moving to the light

If you haven’t done so yet

For the answer to your prayers

Has already arrived

Give thanks…give love

Come back to life

For the contamination of hate

Can douse out God’s light

Will kill the hopes of man

And dreams that are bright

Negativity can have life

But only when given the right

Take back your souls

Give up the fight

For the winner of this war

Is not found in munitions

But the choice is yours

Of your own volition

Choose humanity now

Our world is dying out

Give love…by being love

It’s what life is all about