I Am Against Violence

I am against violence against women

I am against violence against man

I am against violence against children

Animal cruelty at another’s hand

I am against the need for war

I am against the excuses we give

I am against any and all things

Which make it harder daily to live

I may be thought as a dreamer

In fact worse things have been said

But why do we choose the nightmare

We have been walking through instead

Why do we think that peace talk

Is just something people say

Instead of making it our creed

The motto we use each day

I oppose any force which

May try and diminish a story

Out of some selfish need

To impale my Savior’s glory

I am not afraid to stand alone

If standing means what’s right

I need no approval at all

To bask in the Divine light

Do I wish that it was different

Only every single moment indeed

Wishing we could set aside our ego’s

And other selfish thoughts we breed

I am against violence against women

They are our sisters one and all

Waging a war against them

Only makes us look very small

I am against the violence against man

I know you didn’t see this coming yet

But who are we to decide who should die

…the brothers we haven’t met

I am against violence against children

Even though most would agree

Would you be willing to stand up

Against your own comfort ability

I am against violence against animals

The ones we allow to be abused

Call it a dream…call it stupid

But its TRUTH and what I choose

So stand against me if you may

But don’t let your guard down

For standing beside me always

Is my Father…who wears the crown