Protected By Love

I was once given direction

Informing me without token

No matter what life tosses your way

You are bent but not broken

Your path cannot be altered

Stay true to your creed

For in the Light of Our Creator

Your pains will be freed


All you experience in life

Every wonder beneath the sun

Is just further proof that we

Have more work to be done

We have building to do

We have bridges to mend

We are backed with a Love

That will not break…only bend

For our will is not our own

We are touched by Great

So bend me all you want to

But you can never ever break

For I am protected by

An awesome force unrequited

Nothing you send my way

Will come in uninvited

For my Father who is in Heaven

Walks with me every day

Saying don’t worry about that mountain

It will move out of your way

Bend me…twist me

Give it your best shot

But I am guided by a love

Which says…FEAR NOT

So fear I will never

I will soak up love light

Knowing I am always beautiful

In My Fathers Sight

The best thing I want to tell you

NO matter what you may do

The Father above told me this

You will not be broken too

So today I send you some sunshine

Light from a gracious Creator

Shining bright brilliant love

From a source which is greater

Once we stop trying to destroy

That which we did not create

We will prosper and be loved

By a Source most great

I leave you my beginning lesson

So you don’t have to wait

Let man try what he will

For you will bend…but never break

I send you love and joy

With kindness and grace

Until I meet you here after

In Heaven face to face

So my fellow angel heart

No matter what the darkness does

You can be bent but not broken

For you are protected by love

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