A Nation’s Broken Heart

We know that you are in sorrow

Your hearts filled with grief

So we wanted to take a moment

To send you some relief

Think not about that moment

Where lives changed that day

That was not about love

Please don’t remember us that way

Remember resounding laughter

Wrinkles above our nose

Eyes sparkling like diamonds

You smiled when you saw those

Remember how we played

Remember the things we shared

For we bask in the mere thought

Of how so many people cared

Tears are still okay but

Let that be the last

Thing you remember

About our tender past

Remember that first moment

First smile…first look

Not the haunting feeling

Lives that someone took

We are not in pain now

Yet our hearts go out to you

Wishing we could mend the breaking

You are all going through

We live in paradise now

It’s playtime every day

Just like you said it was

Every night when we prayed

God sends his thanks to you

For taking such good care

Of His angels He entrusted

While we visited there

Please don’t be so angry

For anger lifted us away

Feel our Creators Light

Even if it’s hard to say

And when you see a rainbow

Remember it’s a brand new start

God’s special new way

To mend a Nations Broken Heart