My New Year Resolution

As I sit back in wonder

Of the year as it passed

The tragedies we endured

Love created which will last

For every single heartbreak

For all those lifted up

For those moments we shouted

Enough is enough

For those loved ones we embraced

If even only in our hearts

Those fences we mended

Our brand new start

I remember the laughter

The smiles we handed out

The moments we whispered

This is what life is about

When we came together in sadness

When we rose against a foe

When we chose to say I am here

And not…I told you so

When we raised another’s spirits

When we placed no sort of blame

When we were given the gift

To rise once again

NO matter what the past year was

No matter how hard it may have been

Give thanks for all the support

Of family and new found friends

Raise a glass in celebration

For the paths we did cross

We were part of a divine plan

Give thanks to what you lost

I know it’s a rare occasion

When we talk about losing

But it is the perception

What we hold on to is our choosing

Let go of the anguish

Let go of the pain

Make room for tomorrow

So we may choose love again

Release bitter moments

We are learning every day

How we can increase another’s life

With a simple smile along the way

So this New Year I do not

Make a single resolution

But soberly step toward

My spiritual evolution

I will love you with full force

I will remind you forever

To embrace a Creator

Who brought us together

I wish you laughter always

And a child’s sweet hug


And above all…love

And for those who say

My dreams are in vain

I hold you in prayers

So you may learn love again

I love you all dearly

You made my past year great

I look forward to the promise

Love tends to create

While we all may have problems

Which seem to have no solution

I wish you all love and peace

As my New Year Resolution