As each day goes past

I am left with what will be

It seems it’s just myself

And this beautiful memory

This unmistakable laughter

Love which had no end

Yet still I feel broken

With a heart I cannot mend

Such beauty in and out

A rare gem you always were

We were just as alike

As we seemed to differ

I often wonder to myself

Would you handle this better

A rainbow at the end

But a huge storm to weather

Would you call out to me

Like I scream out to you

Why did you leave

What am I supposed to do

But my heart will quickly answer

Her work here it was done

All the battles she fought

This is a war she won

Life has its way of doing

Things we cannot see

So today I am wrestling

With a painful memory

Not painful as in bad

Not negative or angry

Just a part of my present

Struggling with a memory

I wish they could have known you

Known that smile and seen those eyes

The time you showed me love

More than I had realized

Your absence it is felt

By those who know my heart

And while I know it’s not an ending

But your divine new start

My heart gets heavy still

But at the end of my cry

I am only shouting praise


So today like all the rest

I will sing your praises in His name

Give thanks for this memory

That is sprinkled with your name

I love you forever

My sister…my friend

Thank you God for this gift

That never seems to end

For the pain is minor

When compared to the glee

When I think about this angel

My Blue eyed memory