My Mended Broken Heart

I know your heart is aching

Your hope has been shattered

But you were born from greatness

That is all that really matters

On the day that you were brought

To this place we call home

You were bathed in God’s love

It’s all you need to know

For while man will disappoint us

By the deeds he will or won’t do

You are being guided by a Source

Who TRULY loves you

So don’t allow the selfishness of others

Take you down the wide yet dark road

Continue shining that spiritual light

Every where you may want to go

For even though your heart is broken

You see little relief in sight

I promise at the end of that tunnel

Shines a most beautiful light

With divine arms extended

Waiting to hold you near

Gently reminding your heart

That you are loved so dear

So lay down the armor

Give Him your heartbreak

What God gives to us

No one can ever take

Remember who you are

Know that love is your base

Those who broke your heart

Weren’t for you anyway

So on this day of forever

Smile that sunshine out loud

Forget what they did

Sing….no shout

I am loved past this moment

This moment was just a phase

A reminder that this was just

A single life’s page

The story of my life is longer

Than you will be a part

Today is the beginning

Of my mended broken heart

**I wrote this for a good friend of mine