Your Future

On this new day of forever

I ask that you put away

The greed…hatred

That has drowned your light today

I ask that you set aside

All the heartache and fear

I know they had their place

But we’ve no room for it here

For I want replace that clutter

With something more soluble

A life filled with promise

Divine love which is more valuable

Give back that frown

Grimace and such

For a look of peace

With a loving touch

Be reminded every moment

You are loved more than the last

Leave the negativity behind

It is now a thing of the past

Smile at the very moment

You decided to let it go

Water the love of God

Watch how it grows

I know where you are

I have been there too

It’s why I am delivering

This single message to you

Give love and be love

Every chance that you get

Your new life is aligned

YOU have love…you are set

So go on with your day

Setting aside the hostility

Open your heart and mind

There are endless possibilities

Remember that those who

Didn’t treat you right

Are walking in darkness

Where day is actually night

Smile my sweet angels

As only light beings are prone

I understand your struggle

You are not alone

Walk with me my dear ones

As I will be there for you

For I walk with a Source

I walk with the Truth

Take a stroll with me

See the delights along the way

Begin living in His light

For your future…starts today