Being Me


I was once given a compliment

Although a short life it had

For it was followed with insult

Which made me feel so bad


Why was it necessary

I pondered in my thought

What outcome was expected

Which reaction was sought


Was he troubled by my smile

Did I laugh a little too much

Was he living a life of darkness

Of greed, vanity and such


Whatever his real reason

For saying things of cruel intent

I gave him my thoughts

And off…I then went


But it bothered me still

Not of him…but those like

Who say whatever they wish

As if they have a right


Make your moments count

For we may only get one

To do the work of God

And then that moment is done


Don’t waste it on ill humor

Don’t poison a hearts desire

Don’t dampen a sweet dream

Because you are on fire


Smile through your anger

Release it not on to me

For I cannot entertain

Such negative things


Give love with every breath

Be the one who gives

You have only a little time

Make the most of how you live


What is the lesson

Of this true but sad day

Turn the other cheek

It didn’t matter anyway


For no matter what is thought

Of who or what I will be

I serve a gracious God

Who said…I’m perfect at being me