A Man With No Home

Man without a home
As people keep driving by
Some judging and pointing
Rarely asking how or why

He is delivering a message
And carrying a cardboard sign
The God sent angels message
No question…it was mine

The man he was humble
He had the bluest eyes
As tears came to mine
He whispered…please don’t cry

God loves you he said
My heart was filled with joy
For he spoke of a truth
I could not avoid

For the malice of man
Was a creation of greed
We overlook our purpose
What we really need

The man had no home
But when I outstretched my hand
It warmed my very soul
My heart began to expand

For the messages we receive
Come in many different looks
Varied sizes and shapes
Not just those found in books

I thank God for my blessing
It was the most fruitful seed sown
God giving me His love
Through a man with no home