Valentine’s Date

When I say we don’t celebrate

Valentine’s Day

People always misunderstand

What I’m trying to say

So today I am hoping to

Try and dispel

The myths by shining light

On truths I’m going to tell

If I spent February 14th

Just a day in the year

Showing 365 days full of love

That I have for my dear

I would run out time

For a day is far too brief

To display a year’s love of life

To my soul’s partner…you see

No amount of candy….flowers

No amount of romantic songs

Could ever say…you have my heart

To you it always belonged

So instead I will spend every day

Showing you…my love’s eternal flame

That I know how you love me

And I feel exactly the same

From Ocean to ocean

NO matter what life brings about

Thank you for a great Valentine Year

There’s more in store without doubt

So here is to us…

May we have millions more in store

May our Creator guide us through

This and so much more

Thank you for loving me

You are my greatest gift…no debate

Thank you for making my life a giant

Valentine’s Date