God’s Finish Line

If your life seems unfair

Your struggles are many

And when asked about blessings

You say you don’t have any

You have been stricken by illness

Death has knocked on your family door

Every day is a new obstacle and

You can’t take it anymore?

Let me give you information

During the times of duress

It is that time when

You are being guided the best

We learn more through heart ache

We are educated by tears

Adversity always makes

Our divine path seem more clear

You think you have it bad

But I can almost guarantee

There is someone with much less

Except he is happy

Happy with the struggle

At least he’s alive for the fight

When asked would he do it again

You know….he just might

For there is no path so perfect

Perfection is an illusion no doubt

It’s the bumps in our path showing

What life is really about

Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate good health

Had Lupus not reared its ugly head

But rather than complaining about my life

I’m giving thanks instead

We get to make our lives

What we want them to be

We can choose light and love

Or blatant hostility

I would rather have the struggle

It teaches me humility

And makes me rise above my own

Self-proclaimed insecurities

So enjoy each day of your life

It’s a blessing in the making

Being unhappy with your lot

Are just moments you are wasting

Find a reason to smile today

Watch the clouds begin to part

Allow love to embrace your soul

As it begins to warm up your heart

Smile my dear angels

Let not challenges alter your path

Remember it is where you are going

Not where you are at

We all had to start somewhere

Even if in our beautiful minds

Before we grabbed the gold

Across God’s finish line