Love Has No Fear

Her life is unspoken

She has survived much

There are reasons why

She flinches at your touch

Be cautious I implore you

When seeking her understanding

Be sure to try and not judge

A life which is most demanding

Her scars are running deep

Her pain is devastating

Bruising goes deeper than skin

On thin ice she is skating

If she gathered her courage

Sucked up the fear

To reach out for help

As she wipes away a tear

Please do not judge her

Or the decisions she made

Don’t ask what she did to him

Or ask why it is she stayed

All she needs at this point

When all others are a dead end

Is someone to say…I’m sorry

An understanding friend

Remember your worst moments

Is her every minute of the day

No one to turn to for support

Always being pushed away

Be the life raft when needed

Be the calmer of the storm

Be the being you were intended

To be since you were born

Her life isn’t alien

It could happen to you

When your world crashes

And you don’t know what to do

Judge not my friends and neighbors

She represents us all

Life has a way of dropping us

When we’re standing too tall

She did not ask for the violence

And this domestic assault

This is not a lovers spat


See past what we are spoon fed

Look beyond the pointing finger

Criticisms of her life is where

Hate tends to linger

Embrace her with all you have

Remind her…I am here

Walk her down God’s path

Where love has no fear

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