At times it can be trying

This life we created

People can be so cruel

Leaving our hearts devastated

Am I too much or little of this

Is my skin too dark or light

Is my optimism offensive

Is my smile a little too bright

Is my outlook for humanity

Too hopeful…sadly… for some

Are you so stuck on negativity

You can’t see how far you’ve come

Pave your path with memories

Release the negative thoughts

It’s what you give to others

Not what you have got

A sprinkle of sunshine

Through a smile along the way

Can change perspective of a moment

Brighten a cloudy day

We get what we give…remember

Be your own target…a goal

Your life tells a story

Make it the best ever told

Don’t allow darkness in others

To overcast your light

For God planted beauty in all

We are beautiful in His sight

Look not toward another

For acknowledgement of self

Love does not fit in an ego

Love is not about wealth

Shine on my light seekers

Don’t destroy…reflect

Be ready for the blessings

They’re bigger than you’d expect