Purple is My Color

I refuse to live my life in your box

Where you try to define me

Through ideas tainted

From man-made hostility

Do you think you know

All there is to see

By a vision I show

Or photography

Am I only an eye color

Am I just a racial number

Funny how we appear awake

In the middle of our slumber

Are you aware of my dimensions

Or do you just need

Rules and stipulations

To stagnate my imagery

I am multi dimensioned

I am beyond your boundary of reason

I am the Light of love

I am never out of season

What is my color?

Purple…with no doubt

Oh the color of my skin

That’s what you’re talking about?

My skin has no color

I am just like you

I am the color of love

It doesn’t have a hue

I am soaked in the greatness

Given to each and every one

I have nothing but God’s grace

Let me lend you some

You too…are beautiful

You are the child He proclaims

You are error proof

We are the same

Stop seeking separation

You are blocking your own salvation

You are better than you know

Let’s get back to His Creation