To My Children

Be careful who you speak to

And where you do go

Don’t drink too much

Double check your clothes

Guard your reputation

People may think less of you

You have to think ahead

No matter what you do

We teach this to our daughters

Making sure to instill caution

A long listing of things

Causing mental exhaustion

We have to protect her

When all is said and done

Understandable but…

What about our sons

Do not disrespect women

Because it must be so

No matter what anyone says


Be a great man

It’s your victory call

Lift no hand in anger

Respect women…all

You may be frustrated

You may feel sinister

But would you allow another

To hurt your sister

Let’s call for annihilation

Of two different rules

We all have minds and hearts

Let’s use these tools

To my children I beg you

Always be prepared

Some actions are so vile

Lives can’t be repaired

**Jane Doe….I hear you**