Lost Humanity

A life filled with sunshine

Chocolate coated dream

A world filled with love

And all that it brings

Too much to ask

Too much to hope

While humanity dangles

At the end of a rope

We allow children to starve

While worshipping in Buildings of Gold

We can’t afford to help that child

And other stories we are told

We can’t afford the luxury

Of slowly growing cold

No matter the excuses

Or lies that grow bold

Extend your heart strings

Think less of self

Leave our ego behind

Negativity on a shelf

Reach out to others

Give them God’s Grace

There is no room for hatred

In this divine resting space

For this is just a test

The real judgment hasn’t begun

Live a life free of anger

We’ve wars yet to be won

Smile for no reason

Give cause for no infraction

Allow warm embraces to be

The only reaction

As I lend you my heart

To use as you may

Do not put off til tomorrow

What can now be saved

Humanity is lost…sadly

But I have great news

The tragedies we have seen

People battered and abused

Can be stepping stones

A bridge to salvation

Living a Spirit filled life

Intended from Creation

Here is my contribution

To you and for yours

A simple “I Love You”

Can open locked doors

So pass this along

In a life filled with insanity

A simple I Love You to all

Can rebuild lost humanity