When I stop counting the days

When I stop cursing the tears

When I stop wondering why

You are no longer here

When my tears are only liquid joy

When the grief starts to clear

When I stop the frustration

When I wish you were here

When I come to the conclusion

When I am sure that she knew

That I loved her forever

And she loved me too

When I uncloak the monster

Where my anger resides

And acknowledge its just pain

I am carrying inside

When the ugliness is lifted

When I can sit down and say

I wasn’t ready to own the loss

When she lifted up that day

That is when the healing starts

When we learn to love from high

When we find even the love

When we must say good-bye

We will find God’s true grace

And love that never ends

From the warmth of a CREATOR

Whose love never bends

So this message I was given

For you…my family…my friends

Our souls will soon soar

But we must decide…when