A Real Man

I wage no war against you

You are no enemy of mine

I only ask to be treated fairly

And the words you choose are kind

There is no need for a comparison

For our bodies are unique

I ask only of your respect

When you pass me on the street

Life can become difficult

When we create boundaries undue

I understand your struggle

And what you are going through

Hold back your anger

Bite your negative tongue

Lets put an end to animosity

That has gone on too long

I am not your enemy, in fact

God created me for you

But when you react with hate

In what you say and do

I will defend my honor

Of that you can depend

But I would rather be loving

At the very least be a friend

Let me help guide you on your path

God will lead the way

To a life of everlasting joy

And when together we do pray

You will feel divine energy

This will make our way clear

And it will become obvious

That our God is always near

So make me not a rival

Or a bitter angry foe

But a woman you respect

And are privileged to know

For I have the unsung spirit

Of my sisters before my time

And I will wear that badge gladly

The pleasure is all mine

For prior to there being a famous

Or upstanding man

There was a mother before him

Holding his tender hand

See I do not need your glory

And I don’t even seek your fame

But when we are talking of me

Remember to use my name

I am a woman always

And must be treated us such

Not a plaything you toy with

Or something for you to touch

I am not for you to stare at

And make judgments that are crude

There is no need for name calling

Or simply being rude

So when you think of demeaning

The very heart of who I am

Remember God loves me

And is by me where I stand

There is no need to discredit me

Or demean my body too

To make yourself feel better

About the weaknesses within you

So when you are staring and

Judging women within your view

Remember she’s someone’s daughter

And she has feelings too

Stand up and rise

Defend her honor if you can

Show the world what its like

To be a real man