Walk Together
Not sure when it started
Or who said it first
That woman is less
Words intended to hurt
Even worse than the intention
Than that statement tries to do
Is the fact that at some point
We started believing it too
Less than a man…
Half of his mind
We made less than a contribution
To the rise of mankind
Getting paid less than half
Of the same employers wage
Not good enough to be viewed the same
But let’s turn a page
Only the strength of a woman
Regardless of the sentiment of her worth
Is powerful enough to endure
The pressure of birth
And if we are so much weaker
Than our male counter parts
Why does he look for us to hold him up
Like his mother from the start
When he needs a shoulder
To make him feel whole
Why does he seek a wife
Or some female role
We were created to be caring
Made to be strong
And the myth of our weakness
Has gone on too long
So stop comparing my deeds
With what you may call power
Realize the same pain of a thorn
Reveals a beautiful flower
Learn to uphold all women
As God would have it be
And find the boldness of a mountain
The depth of the sea
And one day you will realize
The time that you wasted
On comparing your value
With what God also created
Smile now my brother
We do not want war
Just for you to remember
What we were brought here for
Let’s walk together
And hold each others hand
You will never need to know my lion
When I can be your lamb