When Your New Day Starts
Someone wise once told me
The arrogance of the fight
Is not in the challenge but
The decision of who is right
Quite often the sharpness of our tongue
Can start to feel like a blade
Leaving our opponent worn down
From the remarks that we made
Often said my earth angel we tend to forget
About the survival of hope
It’s all we need to get by
It feels we are at the end of our rope
Destroying each others will
Will only lead to rage
Where no one really wins
And first blood is engaged
Is it not better to have a life?
Without all of the grief
Sure victory is sweet
But the taste is so brief
Who doesn’t need hope?
And something to believe in that is greater
And what power is larger
Than the one of Our Creator
So squabble if you have extra time
And no tasks ahead of you
But when you verbally assault God’s children
You will have answering to do
Like what good have you done?
Who did you help in your time?
And those wills that you tested
Those spirits were mine
I tell you your hearts are where
Our Father…he lives
It’s the reason it’s housed
In a cage made of ribs
So when you break the heart of another
As if it can be fixed in a shop
I beg you to wake up
I implore you to stop
For God so loved man that within him
He breathed His air
It’s why God is within us
We can find Him everywhere
So my beautiful brothers and sisters
Go easy on the our ears…our hearts
And recycle the gift of hope
When your new day does start