If she tells you how he hurts her

Know that it is true

When you ask why she doesn’t tell

Remember she is turning to you

If you say it can’t be THAT bad

Or she wouldn’t ever stay

Know the dangers of judging

Don’t look at her that way

If she says that he hit her

Understand the sugar coating words

If you knew the extent of the truth

You would find it most absurd

Could you even fathom a life

Where hope is led astray

A life that once shined

Now is spent being afraid

If you are too busy discounting

Making excuses placing blame

You leave her abandoned

In her abuse induced shame

If you criticize her choices

As if you could do it better

You may push her over that cliff

Where she is lost forever

Wouldn’t it be worth the risk

In case she was lying

Than to forsake her safety

So many women are dying

If she comes to you for help

Know that it took all she had

It places her safety at risk

He could get angry, violent and mad

If for just a moment

You could wear her battle scars

You too would pray for relief

When you look up at the stars

You would have a deeper understanding

Of how she prays to not wake

Your reaction to her cries

All the difference it could make

The statistics are minimal

The pain of abuse is far reaching

Our children are watching

What ideas are we teaching

Reach out for her heart

I know this life too well

Extend a loving heart

Where God…always dwells

If you want to make a difference

Open your heart…lend an ear

She needs compassion…hope

While she lives in such fear

Women are abused daily

So listen closely to this

Please don’t waste time

On the judgmental ‘IF”