Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to you

The greatest man in my life

And no it’s not the man

Who made my mom his wife

But it is her father who

Became my very world

When he reached out his hand

To a big brown eyed girl

He became my biggest blessing

Taking me on his long walks

Listened so intently when

We had heart to heart talks

He in fact showed me love

He was my biggest fan

Displaying the behavior

Of a wonderful man

He gave me hugs by the millions

Never tired of questions I asked

Patiently waiting for my inquiry

About today…the future…the past

You were the greatest Dad

That you never had to be

If little girls love gave medals

You would have it certainly

You wore my love with honor

I felt like a Princess or a Queen

You were there for every cut and scratch

And the bad stuff in between

And though now you live in Heaven

Where royalty does belong

Know that you made me who I am

Brave enough to battle any storm

So on this day of daddy’s

Know that I would choose you too

Thankful God chose you for me

Happy Father’s Day to you