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Syreeta Portrait


Syreeta Gunn is a native of Washington D.C. She attended Virginia State University; where she majored in business management.

She has been married for 15 years; and has 4 beautiful children.

She became a licensed Cosmetologist, at the age of 17; and it developed into a 10 year career


Syreeta considers herself a Survivor Mom, She has been fighting an Autoimmune disease for 15 years; last year the disease progressed into Psoriatic Arthritis, a degenerative condition which affects her joints. She also endured her daughters intensive fight with childhood cancer; and found her deepest blessings in her daughters survival and the knowledge that she is now cancer free.

Her passion for Survival during transitional periods; began a

Motivational Series called Pivot Points. Pivot Points will pilot a blog in 2013.

She loves decorating and finds it very therapeutic. And as a result; she now has a business called…

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