How can you feel so far

Yet be so close to me too

Millions of people around me

Yet all seem to be you

My tears find me suddenly

Unwarranted and yet still with a cause

Giving me a reason to take a breath

The whole world seems to pause

That contagious laughter

I swear I heard today on the street

That unmistakable smile

That made life seem more sweet

The way you saw life

So wise wrapped up in a life so tender

How can my heart feel empty…yet more full

Than an explanation can render

So today and everyday

Since your first breath of light

Even my pain comes with GREAT love

From a star shining so bright

May we never forget

How a life so brief

Could touch so many souls

Giving us a moment of relief

While we miss you daily

Especially on days like today

Oh…how we envy those angels

Who lifted you away

So when you are gazing down upon us

Send us healing and loving Grace

Reminding us of all we are supposed to be

In this temporary place

So when I fall off my path

Just nudge on my heart

Where you have always lived

From the very start

I loved you then

I love you forever

No matter how or when

Thanks for helping me remember