The Victory

It’s that moment we all fear

We wake up from that cloud

How did we get here

We scream out loud

What happens to us now

How do we find our way

We ponder why and how

When did it all fall astray

How do we move past this

How do we pull it together

All the signs we missed

Are we to be numb forever

No a voice rushed in

You are on your way out

The only fear is within

Release all of the doubt

You can overcome this plight

The only chains that bind

Are found only in your sight

The desolation of your mind

You survived and are here

Your example a road map

Showing that hope is near

The Phoenix’s aftermath

Rise above those flames

Gaze your eyes on the sky

As glorious as your name

You are destined to fly

Shine on beautiful angel

Pave the way for others too

Soar as you are now able

The victory belongs to you

                                                          ~LM Young