Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day to you

Celebrations one and all

We celebrate your gifts

Both vast and small

We celebrate your love

We celebrate your being

We celebrate your gracious

Way of how you go about seeing

Seeing the world and its evil

Seeing the abuse handed out

Seeing a Creator who loves all

Which you have never had a doubt

We celebrate you today

And again tomorrow

May we never partake

In what causes you sorrow

May we always recall the moment

When life tried to shoot you down

And you wearing that sunshine smile

When the world tries to make you frown

May we always remember that which

You made look so easy

How you smiled through storm clouds

How you love…freely

You have done so many things

You broke barriers in two

Making life easier for all

While it was difficult for you

Happy Women’s Day to all

For she has been working through

The adversity of a war

Oh the dragons that she slew

She is our great warrior

Our fathers leaned on her too

She was his soft place to go

His love his life…the TRUTH

So on this day of remembering

On the dawn of a new day

Join my celebration

On she who paved the way

She who was our first hero

When push came to shove

She was our first smile

Our first sample of love

So if we fail more than we don’t

If we falter more than pave the way

To the Queens of this world and the next

Wishing you a Happy Women’s Day

                                                            ~LM Young