The most important thing
We can teach our children
Is to Know Their Own Worth
We advise our children to be good
At school
In Church
Or to be good In front of…
Police Officers
And Aunts and Uncles they have never met
But how many times do we encourage the thought that says
THEY do not give you worth
THEY should not be put in a position…
That causes US to look differently at ourselves
And yet, we still do
And as adults…
When you didn’t realize ur worth as a child
It gets confusing…
We constantly seek that pat on the back
Even from a business that only gives u a fraction
Of your worth…as you create its products
Or promote its services
We constantly seek acknowledgement
From an entertainment industry…
That finds its entertainment…
In our misery…
And we seek fairness in a government
That does not run on the premise
Or Respect…
All this to say…
If our children can not self sustain
If they never learn that THEIR judgement
Is more important…
Than their popularity
If our children never learn the idea that
They will always be seeking something that cannot be found…
Only sought…
Bc it is the journey which teaches us the most important lessons
When we seek to be accepted…
We are doing something similar to
Looking into our own mirror
Seeking to find someone else’s reflection
Embrace Who You Are…
I Love You