Walk Alone
I almost walked past her
Literally just passed by
When in a heart beat
I heard a heavy sigh
Are you okay
I said before shutting the door
When a strong expression
Which I had seen her wear before
Came across her being
It was dark and grey
But I just couldn’t leave her
Feeling this way
It made my heart feel heavy
It made my ancestors cry
But my life changed that day
And it started with just a sigh
I knew when she said everything was okay
I knew when she claimed to be fine
That she needed a life raft
And today it would be mine
Because I recognized her pain
And what she was going through
And softly whispered to her
I’m right beside you
And tears fell like raindrops
Her heart began to melt
For once she wasn’t alone
How magnificent that felt
For even though I didn’t cause
Any of her negative vibes…
She was hurting…so I stood up
That’s what people don’t get about TRIBES
You do not belong as a member
You are not initiated or such
Its about walking beside
Those you love so much
So while her pain
May have been new to me
I chose to love her
So I was where I needed to be
In those very few moments
When I could have walked away
A seed of love was planted
And began growing that day
So hopefully when the darkness passes
And the sun kisses the frost
We can see what has grown
Not what was lost
For if we can get past this moment
The feeling of “ I Just Can’t”
I’m telling you…you will be surprised
At the LOVE you, too, can plant
It doesn’t mean the lesson is easy
It doesn’t mean we think you are weak
But Tribe is about FAMILY
And is the TRUTH of which we speak
So on days when life gets too heavy
Making it difficult to see the way
Understand there are ancestors
Watching over us today
And while it may seem like it
No matter how we were prone…
You are #9Tribe…therefore…
You never walk alone