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Ain’t That A Bitch?

Ain’t That A Bitch?

Growing up I can say
That I never found offense in insults
It didn’t matter what they said
But it wasn’t because
They said something that wasn’t offensive
But mostly it made me feel sorry
Then I became a mom to a daughter…
And in that moment…
I went from unoffendable
To “Battle-ready”
I taught her the things that matter
Like how offensive the word ESKIMO is…
I had to teach her things I hadn’t been taught
Boys don’t hit you because they like you.
When people hit you…it’s because they have no self-control.
I gave her permission to say “No”.
And unfortunately…
I had to teach her about the word BITCH
Bitch is NOT another word for a female dog.
Understand that…this word was ONLY used for dogs…
As a means to INSULT women further.
It sickens me to hear women refer to one another like that…
After all…what made her a BITCH?
Strong attitude?
Bitch…is another way to tear us apart
I will not participate in the destruction
I strongly encourage the support of women
By Women…
But that really cannot happen until we
Stop the mentality which says…
We cannot celebrate others…
While celebrating ourselves.
In fact…the TRUTH is…
When we engage in negative thoughts, conversations or dialog
That reactivates negative energy…
WE have become the problem…
Stand beside HER
Link arms with hers
Support her dreams and aspirations
Watch her grow…when…
We give her patience instead of problems
We encourage her to find her voice
When we can LOVE her…

It Is You

We were born knowing exactly who we are.

Our entire life and existence was laid out before us

But from the moment we took our first breath

We have been lied to



In fact, our entire lives

Have been creatively constructed

To manipulate and control

Each, and every one of us

Our thoughts have been twisted

Our souls have been tempted

We have eaten every morsel

We have digested someone else’s truth

About who and what we are

Then we stand around with our hands in the air

Wondering why our sons and daughters

Are committing suicide?

They are ingesting the lies…

The lies which tell us that we are…

Not good enough

Not smart enough





Instead I suggest one concept…


Talk to your ancestors…

Through your daily ups and downs…

Ask for guidance through humility…

It’s okay to not have all the answers…

It leads to growth…

It’s okay to feel defeated…

As long as you realize…

You haven’t been defeated

These are the moments

You have been waiting for

Worry less about who you HAVE

And spend more time realizing…

How great you really are

Independent of anyone or anything else

Embrace the thought that

You Alone Are Enough…

And stop thinking of it as a punishment

The world isn’t out to get you…





Burying Love

Burying Love

I watched a little boy today

He was sad within his eyes

Too often I had seen it before

Yes this pain can’t be disguised

His nine year old sister

Bullied with cruel words of hate

And on some level

I think we all can relate

He wrote a letter to Santa

Said God is too busy…I cried

You could see determination in him

With the depth of his sigh

He loved his sister so deeply

Her pain was his too

How we tend to justify

The evils that we do

The mother she whispered

With tears in her eyes

Her daughter said

Sometimes…I just want to die

They called her fat and dumb

Hideous was the word they used

That brought me here now

Why I am talking to you

Children are becoming assailants

Their weapon a sharp tongue

Those helpless victims

Are also our young

They aren’t weak or less

They aren’t bull’s eye targets

But they may be a “Too Soon” grave

If somehow we don’t stop it

Use caution in your speech

As if ONE higher is standing there

We must first check our hearts

Are they still there?

We are better than this

Better than what we have seen

What happened to guarding our sisters

Remember she is a Queen

Children are dying

Giving up hope

Don’t say suicide is wrong

And hand them a rope

Don’t say be nice to all

Then talk poorly of others

Bullying is taught

By father’s and mother’s

This is not what God wants for us

This is not a path of reason

Humanity must start now

It is never out of season

Bullies aren’t stealing lunch money

They aren’t sticking out a tongue

They are threatening and disturbing

The peace of our young

If we start today

Look a little longer at your reflection

See the beauty of God

Upon further inspection

For we came from a Great Source

And Greatness is what shall be

But what you want for yourself

You should also want for me

For I am…You are…We are

Descendants of Pure Light

We let things go wrong

But can also make them right

Teach love by being love

In everything you do and say

And maybe…I hope

We won’t bury a love today



Not About sexual orientation

Not about race

Not about religion

Or other sacred place

Not about location

Not about country or land

Not about politics or other

Ignorance we don’t understand

NO matter what we disguise it as

No matter what name we shout

Let me tell you…about HATE

How it comes about

We separate ourselves from others

We shake our indifferent fist

Disregarding all but us

Hating that THEY…even exist

THEY aren’t like us after all

THEY don’t speak like WE do

THEY pray funny…hey

YOU would hate THEM too

THEIR skin is too light

Or sometimes it is too dark

THEY live where evil grows

The apartments by the park

THEY don’t make good decisions

THEY sell drugs…THEY must



THEY got what THEY deserved

THEY are less than WE

THEIR hair is ugly…accents show US


These are the lies we teach

And often are told

But be aware now and always

This is how souls…they are sold

YOU are no better

In fact the judgment you render

Is all that GOD hates

Breaking hearts that are so tender

THEY my friend you see

Are all that YOU are

This is what GOD wanted?

You’ve veered away too far

Seek yourself in others

For the greatness which selected you

Chose the others you wage against

For THEY are greatness too

Instead of finding reasons

To point fingers and raise arms

Lift your hearts and souls

HATE always causes harm

Throw away your labels

Rid yourself of anger

It’s YOU not THEM

Whose salvation in in danger

Embrace one and all

No hate…make amends

For at a Creator’s Glance

WE…actually are THEM

King of Kings

King of Kings

Another life is lost

  The world will do without

All because of the things

We slip out of our mouth

NO easy or tender way

To extract the truth of this

Only one way to tell it

Today this is it

Amanda Todd just fifteen

Took a life that was so young

Never to see her birthday

For damage had been done

NO question there is fault

Yet we still try to shift the blame

Call it bullying or harassment

Hate has many names

She tried to reach out

Even posted a video as to such

But on October tenth

The pain became too much

Yet and still her death wasn’t

Enough to slow our poor taste

We are missing the message

Evil is a waste

A waste of time and energy

A waste of life causing death

A waste of people who are wasting

Someone’s last breath

She tried suicide before

In fact drank a glass of bleach

She cried out for help

But was treated like a freak

A family now mourns

A beautiful soul lifted up

All because children were

Trying to be so tough

This lesson didn’t have to be

If humanity was in stilled

Instead of populating caskets

Would be hearts that we fill

Good bye beautiful child

I hope you finally find peace

I pray your fragile little heart

Will now be at ease

For the cruelty of humans

Is wasted on the divine

You will finally be accepted

By the Creator of mankind

And while we await our verdict

For the sins we forced on you

I pray we make a change

Or our souls will be taken too

Rest In Peace Amanda Todd

Angel who found her wings

I wish you blessings of peace

With the King of all Kings

**RIP Amanda Todd 11/27/96 – 10/10/12**



To the girl who smiled
Behind so much pain
Who just disappeared
Never to be seen again

To the little boy
Not tough enough
Who was taught a lesson
About how to be rough

To the woman who cries
At the drop of a hat
That others ridicule
Never want to be that

To the man who found
Strength in being him
Who was killed for nothing
Another’s evil whim

I want to apologize to you
For we let you slip past
Your lessons were overlooked
We really aren’t so vast

We should have taken time
To simply ask why
Such an easy thing to say
There’s no need to cry

And if you are crying because
Someone let you down
We should have dried your tears
Maybe then you would have found

A reason to stay here
A reason to not go away
A reason to hold your head up
A better reason to stay

It should be so easy
To just be me
Yet we’re met with such

We pretend ourselves away
Hiding deep within our faults
They always knew who they were
Maybe it is us who was lost

Why not ask that girl whose smile
Seems to look right through
Everyone she sees
Her smile never seems to move

Why didn’t we call it what it was
Pain so brutal and raw
She hides what she has seen
And has seen it all

To the soft little boy
Just being a kid
Got beat on for nothing
Call it what it is

Bullying and no less
A reason to be mean
We allowed it to happen
More cruel intentions unseen

The sweet woman who cried
How dare we make fun
Adding further isolation
To a battle never to be won

How dare we judge her
For feeling pain so deep
She’s sharing the world’s pain
The secrets her heart keeps

As for the man being honest
About his true being
We’ve seen people telling lies
About much smaller things

Yet we kill his body
Because he won’t deny his soul
He has more strength in his finger
Than our bodies will ever know

Shame on us all
For saying such things
This is what evil does
Makes us become lesser beings

So when it’s your time to list
All the good you have done
When you feel defeated
Remember you could have won

We could have stood up tall
Could have held another up
Might have made a difference
Said…enough is enough

So the next time you watch another
Screaming I just want to be me
Remember who you are and practice

Over The Rainbow


Over The Rainbow


  I was told about a story where some children had taken a firecracker and put it in the mouth of a dog. The children taped the dogs mouth closed and were laughing as the dog suffered miserably before it died. And while I found this to be a reprehensible act…it made me think a little deeper into the character of human beings.

  We tend to make excuses for the poor behavior of people. Take the example of the tortured dog…there are people who will say it was JUST a dog. But was it JUST a dog? I tend to believe that the dog was a symbol of how we live our lives today. We often entertain ourselves at the expense of others…with no thought to how the victim of that entertaining act must feel. By now, you should know that I am not talking just about a tortured dog…but how we treat everyone and everything that we come into contact with. I will start with animals first…so it doesn’t appear that I think this act was in any way acceptable.

  We do not have the right to bring harm or danger to any one or anything that was created by God. And since we are all His creation…we do not have free license to bring harm to anything…period. Animals are not JUST anything…they are creatures that were brought here…just as we were. They have the right to live, eat, breathe and maintain life…just as we do. Yet, we as people are the only living organisms that not only kill for the mere entertainment of the sport…but we also find some innate joy in torturing living beings as well. You won’t ever see an animal play with its food, never mind tormenting it. Cruelty to animals is a huge problem in this country…and when it is done it just shows how very heartless and cruel we can be. And as a parent…I feel obligated to tell you that most serial murderers started out torturing small animals…maybe that is something that we should look at.

  However when we set aside the animals…and look at how we also sit by and watch our children torture other children…one must wonder what we are doing. It is true that in most cases our children aren’t binding other children’s mouths together and stuffing explosives in their mouths. But look at how we sit by idly and watch as they torture one another verbally. What have we become, as people? Have our lives boiled down to a kill or be killed society? Why are the only roles that we play “the victim” or “the attacker”?

  Anytime we are entertained at the cost of someone else…it is wrong. We have no way to know what kind of effect that has on another human being. We can not determine how very much or little bearing our words will have on another person. Does that mean that we are all powerful? NO. But it does mean that we are in a position to make a positive effect on someone, as opposed to tearing down their self esteem. We have a responsibility to one another…which was given to us at birth. From birth we were entrusted with the responsibility of being kind and loving towards one another. We were brought together for a specific reason…and that reason was NOT to determine who was stronger via a fight to the death. When we break the hearts of people…we are tearing away at their spirit. We are making them feel weak and less than they actually are. This is not a trophy to wear around your neck…because as life will have it…and most certainly it will…someone bigger and stronger will do the same to you.

  And before anyone gets the chance to say that “they are just kids”…allow me to say…you are absolutely right. As adults in a community…we are responsible for speaking up when we see a child being bullied. We are responsible for taking children to the side and telling them that this is unacceptable behavior. We are also responsible for telling the onlookers of this travesty that they are just as guilty as the bully. Indifference is a terrible offense. And even if the onlooker doesn’t agree with what is being said or done…by sitting quietly…they are silently siding with the abuser.

  This is what our world has come to…and it gotten to this point by our children…watching us. They watch us demean and demoralize certain groups of people…whether on the television or in person. They have watched us ridicule and criticize someone who we may say is weaker than we are. We have subliminally been training our children to be warriors against one another.

  We all cheered when a war in another country is over and our soldiers can finally come home. So why are we turning a blind eye to the war we are waging in our own back yards? Take responsibility for the way our children fail to communicate…it is our fault. Remind them to love each other…and while they will get angry with one another…forgiveness is imperative.

  Everyone wants to believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…and there is. But the “rainbow” is our path and the pot of gold is the reward we get spiritually by learning how to live together in peace and harmony. Do not tolerate violence…teach love…and we can go over the rainbow together.


A Life Lost

A Life Lost

 I can not imagine what life had become for Rutgers’ freshman Tyler Clementi in September 2010. I have seen videos of him playing the violin, he was very talented. I heard people say that he was a very good and kind person; that is not to say that all people were good and kind to him.

 From what I have read and watched on the news; Tyler was a homosexual young man who was learning to cope with who he was…not unlike most people his age. One night his roommate placed a web cam in their dorm room. On this specific night Tyler was seen in his room with another male…and his roommate allegedly aired it over the web. As with most things on the internet…it went viral; the humiliation of the video was too much for Tyler to deal with. And on Sept 22, 2010 at 8:42p.m.; Tyler Clementi posts on his Face book wall “Jumping off the G.W. Bridge, sorry”. That was the last anyone heard from Tyler Clementi, a life that ended far too soon.

 Now his family must try and move forward…left only with memories of a kind soul…that the world was NOT kind too. Why did Tyler throw himself off the George Washington Bridge? He ended his life, because someone wanted to make fun of him. Someone thought a laugh was more important than compassion.

 I am angered at this situation, because this happens too often. Our children are being bullied and badgered from one extreme to another. Tyler was a child of God…yet we allowed him to be isolated. We made this form of bullying permissible…by simply sitting in front of our computers while this video was live streamed. We didn’t stand up and try to stop it. And in the end, Tyler could not live with the embarrassment…so he ended his grief.

 I intentionally have not mentioned the names of the 2 individuals that were responsible for this incident…not because I am trying to protect them. I am leaving them nameless because the only persons name worthy of remembering…is Tyler Clementi.

 I am writing this to focus on an ongoing problem…bullying. People are no longer just trying to steal lunch money…they are stealing the lives and livelihood of our offspring. It is up to us to put an end to this. No one deserves to feel alone, and deserted. Families don’t deserve to have to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts, because someone thought that humor at the expense of another…was acceptable.

 We are responsible for implementing good, strong, virtuous morals within our children. Every time a child is bullied…it is our world’s problem. Every time a child is fearful of going to school or out to play, because some other child or adult is strong arming them…we are responsible. It is our job to step forward and put our foot down, for those that have not found a way to do it for themselves. We must embrace God’s children…regardless of who they are.

  Young men and women have enough to deal with…just being young adults. Life makes things hard enough, without us pushing things to their limit and making it almost impossible to survive. It saddens me to know that Tyler felt like he had no other choice but to end his young life. I pray that this vicious circle can end here. We all can play a part in making the world a more loving place. Encourage our children to be respectful of others; and in the wake of bullying we should educate our children in the art of compassion. Stand up for those who do not know how to stand up for themselves.

 I pray that God will guide us back onto our true path…we have wasted far too much time.

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