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The Light You save

The Light You Save

I will tell you once again

And my words are true

Be responsible in your speech

And all that you may do

For the moment will always come

Your day will soon appear

When your words are all

You will have to fear

For when you crush the heart of man

Spread rumors so untrue

The next enemy we find

Is your thoughts and you

I beg you right now

To use caution please

Those lights you stomp out

Will be those that you need

Remember a house divided

Cannot stand alone

Some damage that occurs

Will not be undone

A family that exists

As individuals will fail

For a house divided

Shall never prevail

Be guided by His glory

Do not falter in His sight

Be not resistant of truth

Walk toward the Light

This journey we have taken

The responsibility we have selected

Is part of our truer selves

Yet still what is expected

So when you wake up today

As I pray you may do

Remember the Light you may save

May belong to you




You are not me

I am not you

But be kind just the same

In all that you do

For there may come a day

When you will reach out

To only indifference

Reluctance and doubt

The look of disapproval

Or judgmental stare

Can be felt in your soul

When we fail to care

Your hand may be slapped

When you ask while in need

So be cautious of your words

And the cycles that you breed

Hate is a weapon of destruction

Kills the soul of mankind

Listen not just hear

Stop living in the blind

For whatever you do give

Is as good as you may get

We were created by ONE

We should never forget

Our world is on fire

There are bodies being maimed

Killing women and children

We should all be ashamed

For we are no better

Than one or the other

That man you attacked

He is your spiritual brother

Step back from this place

Take a deep breath

Start moving to the light

If you haven’t done so yet

For the answer to your prayers

Has already arrived

Give thanks…give love

Come back to life

For the contamination of hate

Can douse out God’s light

Will kill the hopes of man

And dreams that are bright

Negativity can have life

But only when given the right

Take back your souls

Give up the fight

For the winner of this war

Is not found in munitions

But the choice is yours

Of your own volition

Choose humanity now

Our world is dying out

Give love…by being love

It’s what life is all about

Let God

Let God

I will ask you today

Love without demand

Say…I am here for you

By holding out your hand

Smile through tears

Stemming from your pain

Hard as it may be

I’ll ask you to do it again

Heal your broken heart

By gathering pieces for another

Our pain seems to matter less

When providing service for a brother

Reach past your pain now

It’s a hard task I know

But to take it a step further

Let the pain inside you go

Sometimes we hold onto pain

To make sense of the scars

No need in pointing fingers

You know who you are

Release the pain…its okay

The troubles you have known

Will provide a road map for others

When they see how much you’ve grown

Smile past the frustration

For when you do not concede

You are given TRUE strength

More than you may ever need

Smile and keep smiling

Even when your heart is breaking

Smile through every disaster

Even while your world is shaking

For behind that smile so sweet

Is the strength of God indeed

Who has showed us mighty power

IN the smallest mustard seed

Smile and hold your head high

For at the end of this rainbow

Is the love of God for all

Wherever the wind may blow

Rise above our true selves

Attack hope…never

Spread the good news always

We are loved forever

I ask you today again

Be the change that you seek

Providing a souls nourishment

Giving strength to the weak

And at the end of your journey

Know that you did your best

Have faith in your light

And let God do the rest





Oh Mommy and Daddy how I wish

When you sat down to talk to me

About the dangers of strangers

The things I couldn’t see

If only you had asked me

What do I think of when it comes to mind

Was it someone much darker

Or a face which could be kind

I didn’t see him as a nice man

Asking me to look for his pet

I guess he fooled us all

Even you I would bet

Who knew he was so sneaky

His voice it was so kind

The fact that he was a stranger

It simply slipped my mind

I wish I had known that

He wouldn’t be cloaked and mean

I wish I had pictured something nicer

There was no in between

I wish I had felt it then

When he asked me to help look

He mirrored no image I created

Not an evil man or a crook

He just wanted my help

He made me feel grown

Who could’ve imagined it

Who really would have known

This man I thought was nice

Would be the evil only in books

If only a better picture had been painted

I might have taken a second look

But I only wanted to help him

His tears made me believe

He was missing his puppy

Not something gruesome up his sleeve

Please forgive me Daddy

I didn’t then realize

His kindness toward me

It was only a disguise

The things that he did

The pain that I felt

Would be enough

For your heart to melt

Thankfully God didn’t wait long

Before carrying me home

Don’t worry I was never

Left all alone

So in your grieving moments

Teach other parents too

That strangers to children

Isn’t the same as it is to you

So teach our dear babies

A stranger is not a look which is dark

It could be almost anyone

You may have seen in a park

A stranger to be  simply put is

A person you do not know

Please don’t wait until

A child beyond the grave tells you so

So beware children and teens

The danger is everywhere

Be clear on this subject

I just want to be fair

A stranger took my life today

But it’s not all he took from me

Now it’s up to me and God

To watch my family

I must go for now but please

Let not it be in vain

Because as sure as the world will spin

A child will die again

Another angel taken

Another talk we should have had

Another life forsaken

Making another family mad

Talk openly to your children

Make them aware of the REAL dangers

But be inquisitive about how your child

Pictures this person called stranger

The Light Of Our Path


I wanted to take a small moment to thank all of you for your support in my writing, you have all become priceless to me. I finally have listed my poetry book “The Light of Our Path” on Amazon…in Kindle form. I hope that you get a chance to check it out.

I have written about the same things I always write about and talk about…if you know me well. I have poetry about the constant day to day challenges that we all face and must overcome if we are expected to survive in the vast world together.

The link to the book is on the side and all you have to do is click on the link to get access to it.


Once again, I want to thank you for being so warm and receptive to me…obviously you have lit my path.


I wish you all much peace and love

Missed Messages

Missed Messages


“I am for the truth no matter who tells it…I am for justice no matter who it is for” 

                   Malcolm X


There are times in our lives when we are given a valuable truth…the only question remaining is will you be willing to receive it?

As children, most of us would willingly accept any information as the divine truth, from our parents. However as life would have it we would begin to learn that often our parents intentions would never be mirrored in our lives again. As we grew older, we learned that some people may not have our best interest at heart. We became suspicious of others. Somehow along the path of our lives we started to correlate what was said with who was saying it…this in itself is a powerful lesson.

We can often confuse the message and the messenger; the two may not be related. As people with our own concepts or those which have been instilled in us…be it directly or indirectly, we often have fallen into the trap that the most important messages come in the most beautifully wrapped packages. How many times have you encountered a person on the street and because they had a certain look, or lack thereof, you only half listened to the words being spoken? There will be messages that come to us…important vital messages. If we are not receptive to the message because we have a preconceived notion about the messenger…we will lose that blessing.

This will be why you will see me write about being accepting of others. We have no way to foresee into the future and know all that we should pay attention to now. Often the most important message will come from the most unlikely source.

When we close off our hearts and minds to specific people or groups of people…we are limiting our ability to receive messages or lessons sent by our Creator. We have missed out on the true concept of our existence when we pigeon hole or get caught up in stereo types. There had to have been a clear cut reason why it is that we all look so different and sound different. We are actually the different perspectives that we were all supposed to have…but they were all supposed to lead us back to the arms of our Father. Instead, we have isolated ourselves behind ideas and images of hate and destruction. Again, we must focus on the significance of what is being communicated and not in the orator.

Sometimes the message isn’t about our well being, but that of others. We are given insight to situations, it is up to us to either react or do nothing; but in the end we are always going to be held accountable for those decisions. We must make the assumption that every time something is brought to our attention, directly or indirectly, it is meant for us. I mean, if we are walking down the street and we find a bag of money laying there with no one else around…don’t we think that it was God helping us out with some financial problem? Wouldn’t we think that it was the answer to our prayers? With that same mentality, how can we watch children dying from starvation in Africa or children dying due to homelessness on the news…and think that it wasn’t a message intended for us? How will we explain to our Creator, on our day of judgment, why we did nothing? If we only respond to the issues in our world when we have something to gain from it…we are NOT doing the will of God. Our path is not one of self righteousness. We are supposed to seek the greater good for mankind…not ourselves.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we come into contact with many people, both physically and verbally; when you think of how many people you came into contact with today…I must ask one question…How many messages did you miss?



Blog Award

Blog Award

I think this lovely blog nomination was so touching…it was really a great surprise to me…just the fact that I was thought of was amazing. I only write what I am compelled to…the fact that anyone other than my mom reads this stuff is GREAT!!!!


  1. Many thanks to Janice …who is constantly giving me moral support. I so appreciate her nomination…not everyone wants to hear about my ideas about peace and love.

  1. I know I am supposed to have 8 blogs…I have 6 favorites. The have all touched me in way or another…check them out when you get a chance…


  1. 6 Things about me:

–        I love all things purple…lol. Which can get a bit out of hand…like when my best friend would buy me purple bath sets for the holidays…smelled really

–        I was born and raised in Alaska…it is there with my family that I learned most of my ideas about life, love and peace. It is a time I will always cherish.

–        I am raising the most brilliant teenager ever!!!! I will admit I am a bit biased…but she is my largest blessing and my experiences with her have helped keep me grounded.

–        I have written an E-book of some of my first blogs…which are also on my website

–        I really love to write…I always have. Even when I start off ranting about something…it feels like my creator takes over and makes it a smooth loving ending.

–        I love people. And as long as I am able I will try and reach out to as many as possible, because I truly believe that our divine purpose on the planet is to uplift, guide and spread love to as many people as possible.

***Thank you guys for your support……Jenyfer



The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

    The end of humanity does not occur when man does evil…but when man sits and watches…yet does nothing.

    We are armed with all the weapons that we will ever need to defend ourselves, from birth. It is only when we look for outside implements or instrumentation that we actually go against our very purest nature. The very purest part of us is that with which we were created; over time depending on our circumstances and our will to accept that which others find acceptable…we can develop negative or destructive tendencies. This happens when we no longer attempt to communicate…with our very being. We were created with many means in which to communicate…with our mouths, lips, hands, eyes, ears, even our legs and feet…all can communicate what we are thinking and feeling at any given time.

  For instance I can either speak to you using my mouth…orally creating vibrations which are expressed in words audibly detectable. Or I can just use my lips to mouth the words…with out a sound. Both are forms of communication…but one would actually take active reception. What I mean by that is…the person I am communicating to would really have to pay attention to what I am trying to relay to them. Not only that…but I would have to take my time and make my words easy to receive. Have you ever argued with some one speaking so harshly, and fast that even you can not even remember exactly what you said? Yet the emotion behind the sentiment is never lost…you are angry. However…if you had to take a moment and actually make your words clearly decipherable, due to an inability to yell, or orate any sound at all…then perhaps the communication would not be lost and the emotion would be more even tempered.

  We often we use our bodies as a means of letting other know what we are feeling at the time…often without realizing it. We will point our fingers…which can be interpreted as accusatory or to place blame. We can cross our arms which can be interpreted as I don’t want to hear what you are saying, or I don’t want to disclose something. Of course these things could also mean other things such as pointing when giving direction or folding our arms because we are cold…but again, these are ideas that we are still communicating.

  We can use our legs and feet to position our body in such a way to display our interest or disinterest with what is being said to us. If we sit facing away from someone it clearly states that I am not interested in what you are talking about, or telling me. If I tap my foot it may mean that I am impatient or running out of time. If I stomp my foot it can be out of anger or excitement depending on the dialogue prior.

  But the most important communication tool that we are armed with is our ears.  How carefully do we listen to what is being communicated? If we were asked, could we mirror what we were told or asked? Often, we only hear the first and last thing that is said to us. Which is unfortunate because then we are missing out on the communication.

  We often take these tools of communication for granted. When I was a child …to show us our many blessings my grandmother would blindfold us or have us cover our ears…to show us how carefully we actually listen or watch things. When your vision is impaired in that way…you would be surprised at what we hear that we didn’t hear before…a bird chirping, the snow crunching, footsteps in the distance…and trying to figure out who the footsteps belonged to. We learned that we had to listen carefully to tones and words, because we didn’t have the luxury of seeing a facial expression. When our ears were covered we had to watch things carefully because we couldn’t hear them…or our hearing was impaired to such an extent that it wasn’t clear. We were no longer rushing to say what ever we pleased but actually taking the time to try and read the lips and expressions being communicated to us. Now, of course, the entire purpose of this exercise was not to punish us, but to teach us that we need to take more time with life. We needed to take time to smell the flowers, to watch a sunset, to be more loving and kind with one another.

  Why do we dislike the silent treatment? Because we want to communicate…but often we would rather wage war than take the time to actively listen and participate in a conversation. We would rather lash out than to calmly verbalize what we are thinking and feeling. Words can be like weapons…they can inform us or others…or they can cut like a knife. I can remember, as a child, hearing certain tones and unflattering words that adults used towards one another. They were not speaking to me, no one was calling me names…no one was angry at me. But I absorbed the words…it hurt deep inside of me…it felt like my insides were shaking. I felt violated, like someone had picked up a club and hit me in my stomach. Of course the adults that were doing this made up, they moved on…but I will never forget the feeling it left me with. I was scarred…and even now when I hear certain words I get the same feeling again.

  We, as human beings have the power to create or destroy and we do so everyday. We build up people or we tear them down…every single day. The point being, with that knowledge…which will you choose to do? We have the power to make each day better then the one previous…just by opening our mouths, our minds and our hearts. We can leave loving embraces on the hearts of our fellow man or we can scar them. Keeping in mind very often when we scar people they lash out at others…leaving them scarred, as well. We create a cycle no matter which way we go…but we get to choose which road to take. All that I am suggesting is that we choose that which will help uplift and rejuvenate. If we leave loving kind words…they will resonate in people…and hopefully that will be the trend.

   Does it sound like I am being unrealistic? Talking about love towards our fellow man…I have been told that it does. The thing is this…if being loving towards each other seems like a foreign idea…it is only because we have been living far too long with the idea that we must kill or be killed.

The Art of Delightful Debate


The Art of Delightful Debate


The one person I would go to, no matter what was going on in my life, was my sister…who just passed away this January. No matter what the problem was she would listen intently…and then remind me to laugh at myself. She would tell me to give myself 15 minutes to freak out…cry, scream, yell, stomp…do whatever I wanted in that 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes was over, we would look at options and solutions.

  That was a very important lesson, because often times we will be upset about a situation or circumstance and we will internalize it; not giving ourselves the opportunity to let it out. This frustration that we would carry around with us becomes something dark, and can prohibit us from being loving towards others. Anger doesn’t want to be bottled up…it wants to be released; unfortunately what tends to happen is that we will turn our frustration, angst and disgust onto unsuspecting bystanders. We will answer people sharply, or snap at our children or spouse, and they will never have seen it coming. And this is all because we didn’t know how to or chose not to release this negativity.

  When I feel this way…I love to write, because in my writing I can see the anger, and by the end of the blog or letter…I can find a loving peaceful way to resolve the issue within myself. If only we could always proof read what we say to others, prior to engaging in the battle of tongues. If we had a transcript of what we said and what others said to us, we would, perhaps, be able to see where one or the other crossed the line. And we could make note of what was really meant and what was a defensive mechanism kicking in.

  Often we don’t realize that our mouths can be more brutal than our fists. We can heal from a bump or bruise, but the words and tones that we leave others with, can be emotionally scarring. I know that I have gotten into a heated discussion or debate with some one I loved before, and the words they said to me would still linger. In my mind, I could not reconcile what was said out of hurt and anger…and what was truth. This becomes a problem because often when discussions become heated, we lash out at the people we are speaking to, without realizing that we are being malicious. I wonder if we could preview the conversation before actually saying it, what would we change?

  I am now calling this the “Art of Delightful Debate”. Why delightful? Well that is fairly simple, we can disagree and not be rude or angry. If we listen carefully to what is being relayed to us, we can see another’s point more readily. However if we are so busy thinking of a rebuttal that could match them…or put them in their appropriate place…we miss the communication. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to be patient, because we often make assumptions about what is going to be said; but impatience can often be detrimental to the message. And even worse than interrupting the speaker is to, pretend to pay attention, or roll your eyes or cross your arms across your chest. All of these actions send very clear messages to the speaker…what you are saying is not important to me, so could you just be quiet? Often it isn’t quite so nicely put, either.

  When I was a young girl I can remember being talked to by an older family member, after they got done speaking they said, do you understand what I just said? Of course, I said yes, not expecting the earth shattering response that would follow. “So if you understood what I said…tell me what I said”. All I could offer was a deer in the head light look, and I can assure you that had I really listened…it would have been a much better day for me. Lol.

  Communication is very important, everything communicates. Animals communicate, even trees and plants communicate, and you only have to pay attention to what they are saying. For instance when a leaf of a plant or tree is turned upside down, it means that is going to rain. If a plants leaves or blooms are sagging…it means they need water. Animals have very heightened senses. An animal senses danger or threat of danger, right away; and unlike humans, an animal does not talk themselves out of being cautious. A wolf doesn’t sense that something is coming and then say….it’s probably just the wind. No, a wolf will leave, or prepare to fight…we, as human beings have the same senses…but we do not listen to ourselves.

  We are highly evolved beings with various means of communication at our disposal, yet we rarely listen to our inner voice. It is often that inner voice that will tell us what to do…even though we may not listen. It is that very voice…that seems to come from nowhere…that is watching out for us. I have always believed that my inner voice is the voice of our creator, guiding me down my path. Showing me the way to whatever destination which is meant for me; all I ever had to do was listen.

  What is the message in all of this? Be respectful in conversations; give to others what you want in return.

 We all want our voices to be heard…it just isn’t always necessary to yell. Sometimes it is those who speak the softest that have the more attentive audience. Often snappy responses are intended to offend the other person, and they just make us appear to be immature or irrational.

  Just listen to what is being communicated and your Art of Delightful Debate…will always be productive.

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