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Understand This…

Understand This…

Life has lessons to teach us
There are truths that we must learn
Some of these lessons will be very difficult
They will make us uncomfortable
They will challenge our will
It will seem to break your heart
It will make music sad to you
While still making you laugh…
Become patient with the lessons
You need to know them…
Life is not working against you
But only LIFE knows
What we NEED to know
Before we are able to move forward
Use your calm…
Loving energy…
And embrace the message…
Whatever yours may be…
Understand this…

​We spend so much of our lives waiting…

Waiting for Mr Mrs Right

Waiting for a promotion

Waiting for our ship to come in

Waiting for the weekend

Waiting for vacation…

How great would it be

If we could find TRUE pleasure in our everyday lives

Find that thing that we can be happy about

Find what moves us daily

Find that the love we have been waiting for

Has always been with us

Find that WE are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow



Accept That…





It’s You

Some days are better
And some are much worse
But when you look for blessings
Instead of the curse…
The sun beams warmer
Your smile is brighter
After all who gets more loving
The lover or the fighter ?
Embrace every challenge
Be led by your ancestors chant
Speak only of positivity
No more talk of I can’t
Rise up freedom fighters
And uplift others too
No matter how dark the dawn seems
The answer to someone’s prayers…
Is you
LM Young

My Sisters Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper


I believe that the strongest and most sincere relationship that a person can have is with their brother or sister. Our brothers and sisters see us for who we really are; whether they want to admit it or not. They have seen us at our: Very worst and very best, at our weakest and strongest, falling in and out of love, in the most stressful and most joyous times in our lives. It is, in fact a relationship that is unparalleled. We know, even as children, that these are important relationships, because even as young girls…we are seeking the best friend equivalent to these God-given gifts. We will use terms such as, she is like my sister; to describe how close the two or few really are.

In families where the fabric is tightly woven, we understand what a treasure brothers and sisters can be to one another. We realize that even if we do not see eye to eye on millions of subjects and issues…we are family and therefore…who cares if we aren’t mirror images of one another?

I realize, also, that not all families have this closely knitted connection…and that is sad to me. We can take these gifts for granted; we may even cut off all ties and connections to them. While I would never impose my views of this topic on anyone…I can tell you this; my sister saved my life a million times, if she did it once. We weren’t raised together and came from opposite ends of the family tree. We never looked alike and we had friends that were polar opposites. We argued and grumbled at one another…and just when you would be certain that we would storm away…we smiled and moved on. We shared holidays and vacations; we shared her weddings and even a few funerals. Most importantly I knew, without question, she would never fail to be there for me.

I cherish moments when I can look back at my time with her and smile and reminisce about our times together. While her life was cut too short for my taste, she lived it well and never regretted a single moment. You just have to love that!!

The whole point of this is not to have an “oh woe is me” conversation. On the contrary, I have no regrets either…she lived a beautiful life and made lots of mistakes. She drank too much and never really found the man of her dreams. But she showed me what it was like to love another person in an unconditional way.

I loved her, in such a way, that I didn’t think possible…outside of my grandparents. I often was cross with her and we argued, as I said…but even in our worse moments…I would have walked across hot coals to help her. I never saw a dividing line between she and I, although I am certain they were there. And while I often didn’t like the things she did…I never loved her any less. The love we had couldn’t be shaken or unraveled.

This would be the point of this conversation. There is nothing that should keep all of us from loving one another just like this. I wasn’t in a relationship with her…we just loved. There must come a time in our lives when we decide that we love every one and every single thing that was created from the core…of which we were also created. We have brothers and sisters that live in countries and on continents that we have only read about. They will have had experiences that may never touch us in a million years. They will have struggled for generations, with poverty, slavery, genocide and hate hidden, as indifference. They will also have unique cultural experiences. The important point in all this is the knowledge of…none of the above makes them better or worse than we are. They are our brothers and sisters…and one day we will have to embrace that thought and idea.

If we began looking at one another, as brother and sister, how could we do any less than love and respect one another?

The whole concept behind this movement is simple…I am NOT my brother/sisters keeper…I AM MY BROTHER/SISTER.

I am them and they are me, therefore how can we do anything but love and support one another? It does not mean we will always agree, I doubt that is possible; even the greatest of relationships have differences that they must talk and work through. But it does mean that if I treat you with respect and we walk onward together…there is no enemy that we can’t defeat. And what is even better…if we are all brothers and sisters of the soul and heart…the only enemy that can be found…is within us.

I Will
I will not give up today
No matter what transpires
My soul will march forward
Even when my body begins to tire
I will smile at Gods creation
Even if it doesn’t smile back
I will count all of my blessings
While the world tells me what I lack
I will keep on walking forward
While there are obstacles in my way
And when man says there is no hope
I will still continue to pray
I will look for the good in all
Whilst people acknowledge only the bad
And although you may want me to sit
I will continue making a stand
I will keep erecting bridges
Where people are torn apart
And even as you may think its over
I will tell you its barely begun to start
I will construct a chain of hope
Where some may break a link
I will smile and continue on my path
Before you get a chance to blink
I will smile in adversity
While staring at your fist
I will sing the praises of our Father
And the angels in our midst
I will love always my neighbor
While he may swear in my face
You may take my possessions
But never my Creator’s Grace
I will get back up and start over
Every time I do fall
I will be reminded of the tests
Which are placed on us all
I will talk about my Father
Hallowed be thy name
And while you may try my faith
The outcome is the same
I will ask God for forgiveness
Father they know not what they do
For while you may cast stones upon me
I will always pray for you
I will continue to spread joy
While man displays his hate
And I will submit to God’s will
And pray that before it’s too late
That you will see the light
Because the darkness tends to hide
The beauty you were born from
And the love you have inside
I will fail from time to time
As only real people do
But I will never give up on God’s will
How about you?

Heaven’s Brilliant Light

This child of mine

He goes by many names

But no matter how you see him

I still love him the same

You may see only his skin

Or a style of clothing he wears

But I see him with my heart

Something most mothers share

You may see a trouble maker

An assumption most will make

But to me he was just my son

He had a future…can’t you relate

This child of mine is not a token

He doesn’t stand for your cause

He was a child taken too soon

Caused an entire country to take pause

You may decide he was nothing

A waste of time and energy

But he was my love and life

He meant the world to me

A year ago today a young man

Was stolen from us all

And if we decide he wasn’t worthy

Because of tattoos…or he was too tall

Perhaps we should re-evaluate

Our values and moral ideals

Because when a child is killed

It’s about…how do we heal

How does a family mend

When life has been shot down

And explanation as of yet

Has yet to be found

This angel has a name

It isn’t thug or criminal

He’s just a debate to most

But your view is minimal

Tonight when you go home

Tucking your children to sleep

Remember sometimes we try to

Make wolves out of sheep

Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin

May you watch over us today

And remind us what happens

When we put hate in our way

Give us patience and grace

From our Creator so bright

Until we meet you in heaven

To bask in Heavens brilliant light


Protected By Love

I was once given direction

Informing me without token

No matter what life tosses your way

You are bent but not broken

Your path cannot be altered

Stay true to your creed

For in the Light of Our Creator

Your pains will be freed


All you experience in life

Every wonder beneath the sun

Is just further proof that we

Have more work to be done

We have building to do

We have bridges to mend

We are backed with a Love

That will not break…only bend

For our will is not our own

We are touched by Great

So bend me all you want to

But you can never ever break

For I am protected by

An awesome force unrequited

Nothing you send my way

Will come in uninvited

For my Father who is in Heaven

Walks with me every day

Saying don’t worry about that mountain

It will move out of your way

Bend me…twist me

Give it your best shot

But I am guided by a love

Which says…FEAR NOT

So fear I will never

I will soak up love light

Knowing I am always beautiful

In My Fathers Sight

The best thing I want to tell you

NO matter what you may do

The Father above told me this

You will not be broken too

So today I send you some sunshine

Light from a gracious Creator

Shining bright brilliant love

From a source which is greater

Once we stop trying to destroy

That which we did not create

We will prosper and be loved

By a Source most great

I leave you my beginning lesson

So you don’t have to wait

Let man try what he will

For you will bend…but never break

I send you love and joy

With kindness and grace

Until I meet you here after

In Heaven face to face

So my fellow angel heart

No matter what the darkness does

You can be bent but not broken

For you are protected by love

 **Check out Further works by L.M. Young (My Rays of Light)



The greatest thing ever

I was ever told

Was I am here for you

You are not alone

Such a simple phrase to deliver

So simple to relay

Yet far reaching it is

To give love in this way

A verbally connected hug

A word of unity

A beautiful moment shared

A divine opportunity

You are not alone now

Your cries I hear and know

It’s okay to be afraid

Love starts to grow

For the true essence of love

Is not in a ceremonial ring

But in the unity of a people

And the comfort that brings

You are not alone in your anguish

Your breaking heart is my key

That you are seeking understanding


Your situation may be unique

Of that we both know to be true

But the isolation you feel

It’s something I’ve gone through

So when your blue skies turn gloomy

The clouds are dark and grim

I will be there to talk to

Reaching the soul from within

I may not be able to change it

But I will sit and hear your sighs

My heart will reach out

Further than you realize

So scream…yell or sob

I will hold your hand…have your back

Your journey although different

I know where you are at

And I will sit and quietly listen

May shed a tear or two

For I remember that Fall day

When the one I needed…was you

Dear World

Dear World,


You may be wondering why I am writing you right now…I understand. But the truth is; I have been watching you…and my eyes fill with tears. I have watched your triumphs; where you will pull together as people and embrace one another, as a family should. I have watched you fight for the survival of a species of animal that was crying out for your love and attention. I have seen you go to the aide of those affected by a natural disaster; during these times I have been extremely proud of you.


I have seen you at your worst; when you thought no one was watching. I have seen you steal from one another; even if you are only stealing time. I have watched as you erected huge walls and fences to keep one another out. I have watched you remove one another from the lands that you live in, out of some false sense of ownership. I have watched you hang your brothers and sisters, because you found offense in the color of their skin. I have seen you burn Holy Books out of some need to control one another. You have let money turn you against one another; it brings out the very worst in your character.


So I wanted to take a moment today and reach out to you. I want to remind you of some core truths; and once I deliver them to you…hold onto them.


You have a very complex soul. It’s beautiful, but obviously it has been tested. I feel pain and such love in you. You know, we often have to deal with life altering events; some of us don’t do so well. Basically we have to do our very best; and move on. Your heart is full and when the time is just right; you are going to be able to share it with the world. Don’t let anyone convince you to dim your light…it is there to guide you and others who will follow you. Believe me, they will follow you. Make sure your words are true, but responsible. Speak with a giving tone and know that you can create a better place for your fellow man…starting with a smile.


Love with your whole heart; love is never a mistake. And if love doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it would be…embrace it for what it is and appreciate the experience. I promise you, with my whole heart, loving anyone is never a mistake. There are times, of course, when we must walk away from relationships; but do not confuse the pain of a separation for a pain from love. Love never hurts…it is only walking away from love that causes us pain.


Give people hope. It’s okay to be upset or frustrated…but please do not take the hopes of man, while you are doing it. Give assurance, be positive. Smile and spread sunshine…wherever you may go.


It is okay to grieve…it is a celebration of life. But do not dwell in your grief; mourning a loved one is just further acknowledgement of how wonderful they were to you. The love and care our loved ones gave us on earth…multiplies in the hereafter…surrounding us constantly. So don’t feel bad about letting a tear fall; as long as you cushion it with laughter and wonderful memories.


Listen to your heart, and let it converse with your soul…it keeps you safe. Fight the good fight…and that means to simply defend those who cannot defend themselves…not necessarily with violence. Use your words…make a stand…demand a change. And keep on demanding until the world gets so sick of you that they change. The first step is the hardest…but people will follow. Everyone is looking for THAT HERO…the one who stood up when everyone else was sitting down.


With Love,





The Forgiveness Fallacy

The Forgiveness Fallacy

We have all probably been in this situation, at one time or another. Some one has done something; and we have found ourselves offended, by what was said or done. Not to say that the action was about us at all; but perhaps in our minds; we felt that it was.

In any regard, the person or persons is seeking forgiveness. When giving this word much thought; I decided that I would describe it the best way that I could. My only REAL hope being; I hope that by the end of my explanation, I would be able to show the connection between all things.

Some will say, and I must agree, forgiveness comes only through Our Creator. This is what we will call divine forgiveness. This forgiveness, or not; is only given at the end of one’s life.  The true judge of our lives will not be, by one another, but through Our Creator. It is at this moment when all of our actions are judged, not just one. This is another reason why we will hear people say that “it is not my place to judge”. Again, I must agree.

We are not in a position to judge another person; however we can make a clear concise decision, as to whether or not the dynamics of the relationship should change.

Why is forgiveness so difficult for most of us? To some, I would dare say, forgiveness means that what was done to us…is okay, acceptable. This is, perhaps, where the difficulty comes from. Forgiving someone does NOT mean that that their action was acceptable, quite the opposite. If their action was acceptable, there would be no need or desire to seek forgiveness.

I read that the Greek translation of forgiveness was “to exhale”. While I found nothing to substantiate that definition, I can understand where it came from.

The largest mistake that I think we make, as human beings, is to think that forgiveness is for others. True; we did not offend ourselves. A larger truth, however, is that we only hurt ourselves when holding on to the offense. The offense, itself, will become life like…and it isn’t. We forgive, because we feel bad on the inside…we want to move forward. Our blood pressure may sky rocket, our blood sugar level may increase, or decrease, we may become physically impaired; all of this because we are not only holding on to the act, but the anger associated with it. So the Greek explanation; seemed honest…we get to exhale. Have you ever held your breath as a child? When you exhaled and took that fresh breath…your entire being seemed refreshed. Forgiveness is very similar in nature, YOU get to be refreshed.

I was looking for the best way to describe forgiveness; this as with all things has its time. Forgiveness is similar to what, Our Creator, does when it rains so very hard. After a hard rain, God’s Rays of Light beam down upon the water; the earth opens up just enough to allow the rain to soak within its ground. When the rain is soaked within the earth; it replenishes the earth and all of God’s creation.

This is true forgiveness; when we forgive and allow that act to show the world that with forgiveness; comes love. As I said before, perhaps we should change the dynamics of the relationship; but do not allow it to take away your humanity.

We all make mistakes, it is the one guarantee that we have, in this life. I hope that we are not all judged by that single act, but we must use common sense when determining how we should relate to that person. Giving forgiveness could change the path of the recipient. Perhaps, the only reason they were brought into our lives; is so we could shine God’s light on them. We must just be aware that not everyone is supposed to be a part of our every day life, forever.

In closing, I would only ask this of you. Let go of grudges, burdens, anger and resentment. Hanging on to such hostility, will only hold YOU back. These feeling or emotions will keep you off of your path. Do people deserve your forgiveness? I think that they are no more deserving than we are, when we seek forgiveness. But when deciding what is or is not forgivable I ask you one thing…use the same love and understanding that you would want to see, from Our Creator.

Love breeds love. Leave your heart open to the ability to see; for forgiveness is not about THEM…but about you and me.

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