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Happy Mother’s Day


When they ask

What would you like for Mother’s Day

My answer never deviates

For Mother’s Day I would like

Limitless hugs and kisses

I would like to hear about your day

I would like you to finally realize

That my love for you

Knows NO boundaries

I love and stand beside you


I celebrate you

On Mother’s Day

For you are the gauge

By which my success is judged

SO when I am asked what I want…

I am being 100% honest when I reply

You …


You…give me all I need every day

So while mom’s every where

Are celebrating tomorrow…

Me and mine…

We celebrate every day

As a mom I want to say

Thank You

You have always given more to me

Than I could ever give back

And I am full of thanks…

For this experience of motherhood…

Gives GOD energy…



You Are Perfect

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah..or none of the above
Whether this was a stellar year
Or if you had unforeseen hardships
If you were healthy
Or you struggled with a chronic illness
This past year was an opportunity
It was a year of growth
A year of gain
2015 was not easy for so many of my friends and family…
Myself included…
But do not allow it to steal your joy…
When we are given the opportunity to grow…
It is a clear sign of how deeply we are and have been loved
Everywhere you look
You will find people whose struggles are a bit different from yours
Let us try and keep those beautiful people in our minds
As we wrap up this most adventurous year
Let us take a moment to pray or meditate
To re-focus our energy on what really matters…
You are still here
That is not an accident…
You are what made someone smile…
You are the foundation of someone’s laughter
Their sign that hope is still alive…
So while our children are unwrapping presents
Or bowing their heads in gratitude
Remember that…
Love knows No Boundaries
It carries no price tag
It looks for no thanks
Or pat on the back
Instead let us look back at 2015 with fondness
And whether it was a lesson or a blessing for you
The fact that you are here with us right now
Makes you a blessing to me and those whom I love
On behalf of my family
My Rays of Light Publishing
We want to thank you for all that you have become
It has been amazing to watch you grow
So enjoy your holiday
But remember always
That you are perfect…
And We Love You…Always

I’m Not Strong Enough



In about 3 weeks, on January 4th…
It will be 5 years since my sister left this place.
It always leaves me feeling like she JUST left
Over and over again
And during times when I swear I just want to give up
And believe me there are plenty of those…
I remember having a conversation with her once…
Telling me that I should never make apologies for who or what I am
Never let anyone else’s ideas of who you should be…
Taint who you know that you are
For most people the holidays can be happy times
And for some it is sad and depressing…
For me…
Getting past the holiday season is greeted with the fact
That 5 years ago…just after all the decorations and celebrations were over
That cold early morning call came in to me
Jen, mom won’t wake up
I don’t think she is breathing,,,
There is NOTHING…
That can prepare you for THAT kind of heartache
She was strong…
The most beautiful kind of strong
And while I, often, quite desperately
Try to recall our millions of conversations
There is only one that tends to stand out…
When I was very ill…
Just waking from a coma
She came to see me…
She grabbed my hand and smiled
Her blue eyes sparkling…
I knew you would be okay
How could you have known that?
I am not strong enough to live without you
God will have to take me first…
And so it was…
Please make the most of your moments
Those that you are certain will be here no matter what
Those phone calls you have put off until tomorrow
Those visits to the family that KNOW U LOVE THEM
Make those calls and visits…
There is nothing worse than
A life filled with regret and sorrow
So during this holiday…
Hold your loved ones close
I love you all

A Soldier’s Grace

A Soldier’s Grace

Today lets celebrate life
For some gave all
Lets reach inside our souls
Don’t fear the fall
For even if we stumble
Even if we falter
Was part of HIS plan
Nothing needs to be altered
Love with all you may have
And with some not yet seen
Love higher than the ego
Or whats on the silver screen
On this day of celebration
Let’s pay homage too
Those who laid down their lives
For the red, white and blue
For those left behind
For those still here to embrace
Celebrate with love and laughter
And with a soldier’s grace

Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day

Gone but not forgotten

Those brave soldiers from the war

I promise we have not pushed aside

What the celebration is for

We salute your uncommon valor

We sing your praises when we say

Gone yet never forgotten

On another Memorial Day

What is my wish for us all

That not another soldier is lost

That we wave the flag of peace

No matter what the cost

Your efforts were not in vain

Your bravery unrequited

In our souls you live forever

Such honor you ignited

Our gratitude is unwavering

Our respect is yours

Thank you for standing up

Never going off course

At this moment right now

For the Country I say

Thank you for all you have done

Happy Memorial Day

             ~LM Young

As party glasses are passed round
Waiting for twelve to strike the clock
I wanted to give thanks for the gifts
We were given non-stop
The laughter we shared
The tears we wiped away
The beautiful people we met
And those who passed away
The life we protected
The heart we mended
Yes, this year was…
Undoubtedly splendid
The light we shone on issues
The candle of hope was lit
The company that came by
Bringing cheer with each visit
The man across the street
Who found his smile that day
Those angels dressed like strangers
That we have met along the way
There were troubles in this year
But today I think of them less
For some burdens must be set aside
Giving our tender souls a rest
So on this New Year’s celebration
Which I have dedicated to you
Thank you for your love
I celebrate that too
May we all learn today
What our yesterdays are teaching
Some darkness will exist
But may our troubles be fleeting
May we all laugh a little more
May we speak a little less harsh
May we be reminded of our blessings
As we gaze upon the stars
May we walk hand in hand
May we give patience a try
May we use more HELLO’s
And a lot fewer GOODBYE’s
May we treasure the gifts
That we all tend to forget
May we value each sunrise
And the gift of a sunset
May we all just agree
That we can do better this year
And hold close those loves
That have grown to be so dear
May we have celebrations of life
And burn God’s flame all night
May we wish one another
A year of Love…and Light
So on this New Year’s Eve celebration
I drink a toast to you
For the blessings yet to be seen
In all that we will do
May we protect a child
May we try to understand
Love is shown with our hearts
Not a heavy hand
I send you love filled with LIGHT
And Hope filled with Praise
May we all show kindness
I wish you…God’s Grace
As we move on into 2014
I wish you laughter and cheer
May your cup over flow
Happy New Year!!

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The Reason For The Season

The Reason For The Season

I think that sometimes we can get lost in the commercialization of things this time of year. The proof of that is everywhere we look. Every store or shop seems to have their own idea of how to make the season more festive and memorable than the year previous.
This year, however, has been a little rougher for me than most have been…which I believe is a test of my strength and willingness to submit to the will of our Creator. So I have sat and endured every Christmas cartoon known to man…I have watched store Santa’s posing with pictures of children who would rather be ducking and weaving in and out of a four lane highway. I have watched retailers attempt to make their sales and “bargains” look like what we might want Christmas to be. All of this, isn’t always a bad thing…it’s always nice to see the excitement of children and the hidden secrets that this particular holiday seems to bring.
This year was completely turned around for me…I was all ready to become “Scrooge”. And in my mind, I had reason to. Then something wonderful happened in my life…I experienced the love of God through the heart of my daughter.
First you must understand, she is a teenager…not unlike most teenagers. She wants things, and she knows that there will be things that no matter how much she wants them, or how much I wish I could get them for her…she just won’t receive them. But this brown eyed beauty decided that this year for Christmas she wanted to play Santa Claus for a child on her school’s “Angel Tree”. Keeping in mind that she knew that by us buying for another child meant that her lean Christmas list…just went on a diet. She didn’t care. I remember the day that she was talking to me about it…tears in her eyes. She just wanted to make a child happy for Christmas. And so we went shopping for this sweet 2 year old boy that she didn’t know and would never meet. We got him a few things…which she picked out. She went home and wrapped them and placed them in a giant gift bag and took them to school.
I can not even begin to express to you the joy that I felt through her at that moment. But I can only really think of one comparison which may assist in my lack of descriptive prose. Watching her was like the feeling I would get as a young child coming in from the cold. I would get to drink this giant coffee cup filled with creamy Hot Cocoa…you know the kind I mean…with the foam on the top from the giant melted marshmallow that used to be there. When you drank it, it was like your body was literally thawing out. There were parts of my body that were coming to life that I didn’t even realize were frozen.
My daughter became that for me…a sweet, warm, smiling example of that chocolaty goodness. And the real magic was…she made everyone feel that way. We all laughed and sang songs and smiled at everyone today.
All of this made me think about the saying…the reason for the season; it was like a light bulb came on. The reason for the season…is to give to others that in which we are given. It isn’t about video games or wish lists. It is about reflecting the love that God has given us…and sharing it with everyone else.
It may be true that we don’t have as much as the next person, but what we have is intended to be shared. I always try to remind others of our blessings, because we can get caught up in what we don’t have and we forget what we do have. We may not have tons of presents under the tree, and as true as that is…there will be people who do not have a home to put a tree in…never mind the presents underneath. We may not have a huge Christmas feast, but there are people who will not have food to eat on Christmas at all…or any other day. We will miss those we lost this year and our hearts may weep for them…but there are people who will spend this holiday all alone. Can you imagine living on this huge planet and feeling like you are all alone?
Today my daughter warmed our hearts…by simply opening hers. I hope it is an example that is set not in vain. Reach out for someone today, touch their hearts and don’t be afraid to warm their souls. God only asks that we give to others what HE has given to us…HIS LOVE. It costs nothing to love one another. If the only present you give to someone is your time…it is time well spent. Shine on one another…the reflection is that of our Creator.

Not Me


Not Me

One day things will be different

She rang in reverie

What step will you take

Ohhh. I didn’t mean me

One day we won’t kill

For fun or economy

When will you tell them

I wasn’t talking about me

One day we will love each other

End abuse and slavery

The step is always hardest

But I’m not talking about me

A voice started to bellow

If not you than who…she began to stir

If not now then when

Another  should start?….That is absurd

You are the hope

Your heart will lead them home

It is your single voice

Your intention will roam

If not you the voice restated

Than why are you here

Be the voice of mankind

Be the start of a new year

Be love by showing love

Shine your inner shining light

Your voice can claim victory

While shining HOPE…all night

End the wars and its hate

Do not accept a reason

For Joy is a way of life

Not a Holiday season

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Date

When I say we don’t celebrate

Valentine’s Day

People always misunderstand

What I’m trying to say

So today I am hoping to

Try and dispel

The myths by shining light

On truths I’m going to tell

If I spent February 14th

Just a day in the year

Showing 365 days full of love

That I have for my dear

I would run out time

For a day is far too brief

To display a year’s love of life

To my soul’s partner…you see

No amount of candy….flowers

No amount of romantic songs

Could ever say…you have my heart

To you it always belonged

So instead I will spend every day

Showing you…my love’s eternal flame

That I know how you love me

And I feel exactly the same

From Ocean to ocean

NO matter what life brings about

Thank you for a great Valentine Year

There’s more in store without doubt

So here is to us…

May we have millions more in store

May our Creator guide us through

This and so much more

Thank you for loving me

You are my greatest gift…no debate

Thank you for making my life a giant

Valentine’s Date

A Single Drop of Water

A Single Drop of Water


  During this time of year, there will be people who will be singing and celebrating; laughing and crying; shopping and worshipping; remembering and mourning. It is the season of many emotions and experiences, for most. Not unlike any other time of year, I have spent time reminding us to be kind and loving with one another.

  I realized long ago that we all are different, in one fashion or another. No matter how similar we appear to be, if we search deep enough…we will find our distinctive characteristics. By the same token, if we search deep within those that we find to be our polar opposites…we will find the very likeness of us.

  What is the point of this? It’s a point in which, I take great pride in shining light on. We were all created from the same source and created with the same foundation. Our Creator, our point of origin…the maker of all things great and small…started our lives with a single drop of water. And throughout time we can visit and re-visit how water restores, replenishes, revitalizes and revives all living things. That single drop of water, brushed with the love of our Creator…is where we all started and where we should remain focused.

  For all of our differences and unique qualities…one thing tangible keeps us connected…like it or not. Our Creator, no matter what you refer to Him/her as…built us with love. We know this is true because no matter where we look, in music, lyrics, movies, art, even in our most divine books…we are told to love each other. At this point, we should have realized that loving our fellow living beings is important…because we are constantly being reminded to do so.

  The one constant we will have in this life is that as much as we are dissimilar…we are exactly the same. Our foundation cares nothing about how we look differently, speak differently, behave differently, or even worship differently. In the eyes of the Creator, we are the same.

  When the time comes and we are asked how we made use of our time here on earth…I pray that we have something more to offer than we spent time separating people because we have convinced ourselves of the superiority myth. None of us, not one single human being…is better than, above, greater than or superior to …ANYTHING. Your hair color or texture, the pigment of your skin, the accent of your voice, the size or shape of your body, the location of your earthly home, nor the religion, faith, or the life philosophy that you adhere to…does not put you above anyone or anything else. And as long as we have that delusion in our minds…we are not doing the work of God/Allah.

  Our time here is brief…to prove that fact you only have to ask anyone who has ever loved someone who passed away. So knowing this information…why do we waste so much time on hate and indifference? We are supposed to build our fellow man and woman up…we are supposed to help and guide one another. But in order to do that we must stop trying to isolate one another.

  I hope that during this season of love and hope…that we water the seed which God/Allah planted within us. Love is instilled within our being, but we must cultivate it, water it, and share it with the world. Touch everyone you can…through your fingertips… your speech or your deeds…God’s message can be delivered through us; just as electricity travels through water.

  I implore you to stop wasting time on the negativity that darkness can breed. Remember that just like mold needs darkness to thrive…so does negativity and hate. The Creator’s light is all around us…we need only to seek it. We can see it in compassion, empathy, joy, kindness, thoughtfulness…and when you aren’t watching…you can feel, smell, touch and absorb it through the laughter of children.

  Love is a gift that we are supposed to give to others; and because we were born with it we are supposed to do it all the time. We can hardly hold love hostage, by attaching stipulations to it. The statement “I will love you if…” is a statement of darkness. So here is my message to you: I will love you because God loves me. I will stand by you and defend you against any being that is of the belief that you are not good enough. I answer to our Creator, He holds me accountable for my actions, thoughts and the intentions of my heart.

  Today I would ask you to stand up…become accountable…spread love and joy…for only then can peace prosper.

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