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We Need Gods Grace

We Need God’s Grace


I wonder when it happened

When we started to deface

The integrity of others

Solely based on their race

I’m not even certain when

Races came to be

We certainly weren’t created

From this hostility

It is man made but I wonder

Why would one think

That being superior

Would make all others shrink?

Hmmm, one must realize

With the logic we have

That looking down on others

Just makes us look bad

I mean God created all things

Who are we to say

What is better…who is brighter

How are we living today

We merely exist, I tell you

Due to our own selfish pride

It’s clear we are making errors

We are barely getting by

The planet is dying

Our air is dirty

Everyday we prove

Why we are unworthy

Yet every single day goes by

More hate being spread

And we are deciding

Who is better off dead

There is no superior man

No greater race

No perfect culture

We need God’s Grace

Lost Humanity

Lost Humanity

A life filled with sunshine

Chocolate coated dream

A world filled with love

And all that it brings

Too much to ask

Too much to hope

While humanity dangles

At the end of a rope

We allow children to starve

While worshipping in Buildings of Gold

We can’t afford to help that child

And other stories we are told

We can’t afford the luxury

Of slowly growing cold

No matter the excuses

Or lies that grow bold

Extend your heart strings

Think less of self

Leave our ego behind

Negativity on a shelf

Reach out to others

Give them God’s Grace

There is no room for hatred

In this divine resting space

For this is just a test

The real judgment hasn’t begun

Live a life free of anger

We’ve wars yet to be won

Smile for no reason

Give cause for no infraction

Allow warm embraces to be

The only reaction

As I lend you my heart

To use as you may

Do not put off til tomorrow

What can now be saved

Humanity is lost…sadly

But I have great news

The tragedies we have seen

People battered and abused

Can be stepping stones

A bridge to salvation

Living a Spirit filled life

Intended from Creation

Here is my contribution

To you and for yours

A simple “I Love You”

Can open locked doors

So pass this along

In a life filled with insanity

A simple I Love You to all

Can rebuild lost humanity

Purple is My Color

Purple is My Color

I refuse to live my life in your box

Where you try to define me

Through ideas tainted

From man-made hostility

Do you think you know

All there is to see

By a vision I show

Or photography

Am I only an eye color

Am I just a racial number

Funny how we appear awake

In the middle of our slumber

Are you aware of my dimensions

Or do you just need

Rules and stipulations

To stagnate my imagery

I am multi dimensioned

I am beyond your boundary of reason

I am the Light of love

I am never out of season

What is my color?

Purple…with no doubt

Oh the color of my skin

That’s what you’re talking about?

My skin has no color

I am just like you

I am the color of love

It doesn’t have a hue

I am soaked in the greatness

Given to each and every one

I have nothing but God’s grace

Let me lend you some

You too…are beautiful

You are the child He proclaims

You are error proof

We are the same

Stop seeking separation

You are blocking your own salvation

You are better than you know

Let’s get back to His Creation



At times it can be trying

This life we created

People can be so cruel

Leaving our hearts devastated

Am I too much or little of this

Is my skin too dark or light

Is my optimism offensive

Is my smile a little too bright

Is my outlook for humanity

Too hopeful…sadly… for some

Are you so stuck on negativity

You can’t see how far you’ve come

Pave your path with memories

Release the negative thoughts

It’s what you give to others

Not what you have got

A sprinkle of sunshine

Through a smile along the way

Can change perspective of a moment

Brighten a cloudy day

We get what we give…remember

Be your own target…a goal

Your life tells a story

Make it the best ever told

Don’t allow darkness in others

To overcast your light

For God planted beauty in all

We are beautiful in His sight

Look not toward another

For acknowledgement of self

Love does not fit in an ego

Love is not about wealth

Shine on my light seekers

Don’t destroy…reflect

Be ready for the blessings

They’re bigger than you’d expect

God’s Finish Line

God’s Finish Line

If your life seems unfair

Your struggles are many

And when asked about blessings

You say you don’t have any

You have been stricken by illness

Death has knocked on your family door

Every day is a new obstacle and

You can’t take it anymore?

Let me give you information

During the times of duress

It is that time when

You are being guided the best

We learn more through heart ache

We are educated by tears

Adversity always makes

Our divine path seem more clear

You think you have it bad

But I can almost guarantee

There is someone with much less

Except he is happy

Happy with the struggle

At least he’s alive for the fight

When asked would he do it again

You know….he just might

For there is no path so perfect

Perfection is an illusion no doubt

It’s the bumps in our path showing

What life is really about

Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate good health

Had Lupus not reared its ugly head

But rather than complaining about my life

I’m giving thanks instead

We get to make our lives

What we want them to be

We can choose light and love

Or blatant hostility

I would rather have the struggle

It teaches me humility

And makes me rise above my own

Self-proclaimed insecurities

So enjoy each day of your life

It’s a blessing in the making

Being unhappy with your lot

Are just moments you are wasting

Find a reason to smile today

Watch the clouds begin to part

Allow love to embrace your soul

As it begins to warm up your heart

Smile my dear angels

Let not challenges alter your path

Remember it is where you are going

Not where you are at

We all had to start somewhere

Even if in our beautiful minds

Before we grabbed the gold

Across God’s finish line

You Are Loved

You Are Loved

The tears that we cry

Say and do so much

About who we really are

Hearts that we touch

Some say it is a weakness

Too emotional too weep

Oh the lies we live when

Negativity comes to creep

Tears…just like water

Allows growth of living things

While releasing love from our souls

Can you see what that means?

Our souls fulfillment

Is found in a tear drop

And you are telling me

Not to cry…that I should stop?

I will share this with you

My love is not in vain

As for my too emotional-ness

I refuse to abstain

For the feelings I emit

Come from a much greater source

Who expects me to reflect them

It’s part of my course

So get ready for my tears

And feelings they bring about

Know that I love you too

Without ever a doubt

My life springs eternal

I’m giving back to Creation

By shedding my soul showers

Without further deviation

So if you think I cry too much

Maybe you should look deeper

I have a duty to my Creator

I am my brother’s keeper

So my tears are a promise

They are the light reflective of

The message of our Creator



I Will Walk

I Will Walk

I will walk right beside you

Truth our only guide

Never allowing race to separate us

For hate is a bumpy ride

I will stand beside you forever

Hold your hand when needed

Until you feel safe and loved

When the flood waters have receded

I will wear a smile for you because

I know darkness can leave us wary

And the evils man does at times

Can often be dismal and scary

Yes I will walk beside you eternally

Never leading or being led

Using God as my compass

Where light and love are bred

My path may be filled with challenges

Something I simply cannot take away

But it is also filled with unwavering love

That grows more each passing day

I will walk right beside you

I will love you endlessly

I will gladly lend you my hope

My vision of humanity

No matter the circumstance

Or what occurs along the way

I will refuse to create borders

Based on bias, indifference and hate

You are welcome along my path

For it has been for you too

My path is paved with love and truth

And I will walk…right beside you


Some may say I am broken
That I am missing out
That my adversity in life
Brought negativity about

Maybe they will remark
I am scarred by disease
Riddled with the idea that
This pain may not ever cease

I could live with the diagnosis
My life may be brief
Many hospital visits
Loved ones living in grief

But to that I must answer
The only thing to be true
I give every  day to my Creator
So everyday is made  new

Every moment is precious
A new sunrise is unique
The moments you take for granted
Now give me great relief

For instead of seeing hardship
Or a broken part of me
I see love made from greatness
A road map of Creativity

Every crack every crevice
Of this life I struggle through
Makes me uniquely who I am
Doing what I am supposed to do

What you may see as altered
Imperfection or the like
Is exactly as it should be
Filled with my Creator’s light

Don’t bother trying to mend me
For broken I’ve never been
Only filled with His will
And Greatness He has seen

Once we stop trying to fix
What God envisioned in the beginning
We will find true love and peace
And can get back to living

A Man With No Home

A Man With No Home

Man without a home
As people keep driving by
Some judging and pointing
Rarely asking how or why

He is delivering a message
And carrying a cardboard sign
The God sent angels message
No question…it was mine

The man he was humble
He had the bluest eyes
As tears came to mine
He whispered…please don’t cry

God loves you he said
My heart was filled with joy
For he spoke of a truth
I could not avoid

For the malice of man
Was a creation of greed
We overlook our purpose
What we really need

The man had no home
But when I outstretched my hand
It warmed my very soul
My heart began to expand

For the messages we receive
Come in many different looks
Varied sizes and shapes
Not just those found in books

I thank God for my blessing
It was the most fruitful seed sown
God giving me His love
Through a man with no home

I Am Against Violence

I am against violence against women

I am against violence against man

I am against violence against children

Animal cruelty at another’s hand

I am against the need for war

I am against the excuses we give

I am against any and all things

Which make it harder daily to live

I may be thought as a dreamer

In fact worse things have been said

But why do we choose the nightmare

We have been walking through instead

Why do we think that peace talk

Is just something people say

Instead of making it our creed

The motto we use each day

I oppose any force which

May try and diminish a story

Out of some selfish need

To impale my Savior’s glory

I am not afraid to stand alone

If standing means what’s right

I need no approval at all

To bask in the Divine light

Do I wish that it was different

Only every single moment indeed

Wishing we could set aside our ego’s

And other selfish thoughts we breed

I am against violence against women

They are our sisters one and all

Waging a war against them

Only makes us look very small

I am against the violence against man

I know you didn’t see this coming yet

But who are we to decide who should die

…the brothers we haven’t met

I am against violence against children

Even though most would agree

Would you be willing to stand up

Against your own comfort ability

I am against violence against animals

The ones we allow to be abused

Call it a dream…call it stupid

But its TRUTH and what I choose

So stand against me if you may

But don’t let your guard down

For standing beside me always

Is my Father…who wears the crown

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