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I wanted to share with you all the most recent 5 star review on Amazon and GoodReads of this very emotional book. By Cianna Elizabeth whose blog is wonderful,,,,


This is a breathtakingly lovely book. A woman’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of her sister, and chronicling her journey to help other people who are going through the same struggles.

She writes letters to her sister throughout the book, exposing her thoughts, feelings and heartbreak trying to work through her loss, one letter at a time.

After the letters come poems, poems about the loss, the struggle and the hurt. Poems about carrying on and about finding hope.

She writes about touching memories, and thought and discussions that haunt her now that her sister has passed away:

“You simply replied…“I’m not strong enough to live without you…so God will have to take me first ”.

We laughed that remark off…never giving more thought or energy to it; until January 4th came.”

Her book, designed to show her journey but also to guide others who are grieving themselves, with kind words, and hopeful thoughts.

“If there was anything I could say to another person about any of this, it would be to spend more time with their loved ones. Spend more time laughing at the small stuff and less time worrying about things you have no control over. In life, we will only have the memories of the laughter and sometimes…the memories will have to be enough.”

The author looks back on her life struggles, being in a coma, car accident, cancer, and remembers her sister’s wisdom and guidance during those times. Her sister’s presence in her life.

This is a wonderful book, a wonderful memoir of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with loss. The letters and poetry are so real, and heartfelt, there’s no question about the quality of the book.

This isn’t really a book you can review, there’s no real plot to this story, it’s just a person’s journey through life, and it’s wonderful that they decided to share it with the world.

If you’d like to read this book, or find out more about L.M Young check out the website, goodreads, or on Amazon.


You can find her wonderful blog here and I hope you visit it often

When Your New Day Starts
Someone wise once told me
The arrogance of the fight
Is not in the challenge but
The decision of who is right
Quite often the sharpness of our tongue
Can start to feel like a blade
Leaving our opponent worn down
From the remarks that we made
Often said my earth angel we tend to forget
About the survival of hope
It’s all we need to get by
It feels we are at the end of our rope
Destroying each others will
Will only lead to rage
Where no one really wins
And first blood is engaged
Is it not better to have a life?
Without all of the grief
Sure victory is sweet
But the taste is so brief
Who doesn’t need hope?
And something to believe in that is greater
And what power is larger
Than the one of Our Creator
So squabble if you have extra time
And no tasks ahead of you
But when you verbally assault God’s children
You will have answering to do
Like what good have you done?
Who did you help in your time?
And those wills that you tested
Those spirits were mine
I tell you your hearts are where
Our Father…he lives
It’s the reason it’s housed
In a cage made of ribs
So when you break the heart of another
As if it can be fixed in a shop
I beg you to wake up
I implore you to stop
For God so loved man that within him
He breathed His air
It’s why God is within us
We can find Him everywhere
So my beautiful brothers and sisters
Go easy on the our ears…our hearts
And recycle the gift of hope
When your new day does start

My True Relief

I have known pain

I have known tears

I have known abuse

That causes REAL fear

I have known frustration

I have known isolation

I have known illness

I have known degradation

I have known loneliness

I have known hate

I have known racism

And other ills we create

I have known insincerity

I have known lies

I have known hurt so deep

Words cannot define

But when I let go of these

Reasons for being apart

When I looked with my soul

And opened up my heart

I realized that these things

Made me a woman who is strong

And what felt like years and years

Didn’t really last that long

For I am fueled by a source

Who says I am LIGHT

It fills my being

And clears my obstructed sight

I have known those things…yes

But let me tell you what

I have known much more

Than what I have not

I have known joy

I have known love

I have known peace

Given from above

So while I may have known disaster

And devastating illness and grief

I have also known HIM

My Father…my TRUE relief



I really just need a moment

A deep breath so to speak

God…if you’re listening

Can I borrow some peace

My heart it feels heavy

My frustrations are too high

I’m forcing back the tears

I don’t even know why

It may take a miracle maker

To give my heart release

But if you have it to spare

Can I borrow some peace


My child my creation

My heartbeat my breath

My light my stars

I love you past death

This peace that you seek

This heaviness you bear

Is not yours alone

I am always there

The thing you are after

The gracious release

Is here for the asking

Because…you ARE peace

You reflect my morning light

You embrace my moon beams too

All the peace you seek

Has been housed within you too

So take a deep breath

Let go of the weight

Peace is what you are

And therefore what you create

Smile that brilliant smile

Don’t let life take His glory

There’s also a path for that

But that’s another story

Shine on my peace maker

You are what you seek

May your heart be filled with love

And you have eternal peace

I Remember

I Remember
I remember when
My life was forever changed
When I looked at another
And saw them the same …
I saw not a skin color
Or geographical locale
They looked different than me
Yet the same somehow
That was when I got it
When The Light broke through
When I stopped being me
And started being you
When I wanted for my brother
What I prayed for myself
When I asked God’s blessings
For everything else
So on this day of my journey
I wish you blessings and love
And Grace from Him
Who watches from above
So until next time my lovelies
Here’s a hug from my heart to you
May you walk in peace
With all that you do

You Are Loved

You Are Loved

The tears that we cry

Say and do so much

About who we really are

Hearts that we touch

Some say it is a weakness

Too emotional too weep

Oh the lies we live when

Negativity comes to creep

Tears…just like water

Allows growth of living things

While releasing love from our souls

Can you see what that means?

Our souls fulfillment

Is found in a tear drop

And you are telling me

Not to cry…that I should stop?

I will share this with you

My love is not in vain

As for my too emotional-ness

I refuse to abstain

For the feelings I emit

Come from a much greater source

Who expects me to reflect them

It’s part of my course

So get ready for my tears

And feelings they bring about

Know that I love you too

Without ever a doubt

My life springs eternal

I’m giving back to Creation

By shedding my soul showers

Without further deviation

So if you think I cry too much

Maybe you should look deeper

I have a duty to my Creator

I am my brother’s keeper

So my tears are a promise

They are the light reflective of

The message of our Creator



Dear World

Dear World,


You may be wondering why I am writing you right now…I understand. But the truth is; I have been watching you…and my eyes fill with tears. I have watched your triumphs; where you will pull together as people and embrace one another, as a family should. I have watched you fight for the survival of a species of animal that was crying out for your love and attention. I have seen you go to the aide of those affected by a natural disaster; during these times I have been extremely proud of you.


I have seen you at your worst; when you thought no one was watching. I have seen you steal from one another; even if you are only stealing time. I have watched as you erected huge walls and fences to keep one another out. I have watched you remove one another from the lands that you live in, out of some false sense of ownership. I have watched you hang your brothers and sisters, because you found offense in the color of their skin. I have seen you burn Holy Books out of some need to control one another. You have let money turn you against one another; it brings out the very worst in your character.


So I wanted to take a moment today and reach out to you. I want to remind you of some core truths; and once I deliver them to you…hold onto them.


You have a very complex soul. It’s beautiful, but obviously it has been tested. I feel pain and such love in you. You know, we often have to deal with life altering events; some of us don’t do so well. Basically we have to do our very best; and move on. Your heart is full and when the time is just right; you are going to be able to share it with the world. Don’t let anyone convince you to dim your light…it is there to guide you and others who will follow you. Believe me, they will follow you. Make sure your words are true, but responsible. Speak with a giving tone and know that you can create a better place for your fellow man…starting with a smile.


Love with your whole heart; love is never a mistake. And if love doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it would be…embrace it for what it is and appreciate the experience. I promise you, with my whole heart, loving anyone is never a mistake. There are times, of course, when we must walk away from relationships; but do not confuse the pain of a separation for a pain from love. Love never hurts…it is only walking away from love that causes us pain.


Give people hope. It’s okay to be upset or frustrated…but please do not take the hopes of man, while you are doing it. Give assurance, be positive. Smile and spread sunshine…wherever you may go.


It is okay to grieve…it is a celebration of life. But do not dwell in your grief; mourning a loved one is just further acknowledgement of how wonderful they were to you. The love and care our loved ones gave us on earth…multiplies in the hereafter…surrounding us constantly. So don’t feel bad about letting a tear fall; as long as you cushion it with laughter and wonderful memories.


Listen to your heart, and let it converse with your soul…it keeps you safe. Fight the good fight…and that means to simply defend those who cannot defend themselves…not necessarily with violence. Use your words…make a stand…demand a change. And keep on demanding until the world gets so sick of you that they change. The first step is the hardest…but people will follow. Everyone is looking for THAT HERO…the one who stood up when everyone else was sitting down.


With Love,







You are not me

I am not you

But be kind just the same

In all that you do

For there may come a day

When you will reach out

To only indifference

Reluctance and doubt

The look of disapproval

Or judgmental stare

Can be felt in your soul

When we fail to care

Your hand may be slapped

When you ask while in need

So be cautious of your words

And the cycles that you breed

Hate is a weapon of destruction

Kills the soul of mankind

Listen not just hear

Stop living in the blind

For whatever you do give

Is as good as you may get

We were created by ONE

We should never forget

Our world is on fire

There are bodies being maimed

Killing women and children

We should all be ashamed

For we are no better

Than one or the other

That man you attacked

He is your spiritual brother

Step back from this place

Take a deep breath

Start moving to the light

If you haven’t done so yet

For the answer to your prayers

Has already arrived

Give thanks…give love

Come back to life

For the contamination of hate

Can douse out God’s light

Will kill the hopes of man

And dreams that are bright

Negativity can have life

But only when given the right

Take back your souls

Give up the fight

For the winner of this war

Is not found in munitions

But the choice is yours

Of your own volition

Choose humanity now

Our world is dying out

Give love…by being love

It’s what life is all about


Let’s take further examination
Of this gender assault
Why when it comes to rape
Why do we assume it is her fault

Some will say I’m wrong
To make such a claim
But if you saw through my eyes
You would say the same

We live in a society of people
Where the “B” word is glammed
Saying this is what you are
But it’s not who I am

Music and movies
Throw the term up in lights
But I’m up today saying
It is NOT alright

We make it cool to demean women
Saying it is only just a word
But the ignorance of that statement
Is just simply absurd

Okay so back to my topic
Yes…rape is a crime
So why must SHE stand on trial
Every single time

Why is her behavior attacked
Why is her clothing critiqued
Why do we claim that the man
Is a victim…he is weak

Why is she criticized for bathing
Scrubbing him off of her skin
What…not enough bruising?
You should examine from within

For this child of God
The “B” word to some
Just went out for a drink
Just to have some fun

So why wasn’t he asked a question
What were you doing out so late
Who gave you permission
To force sex on a date

Why not ask him why he showered
After making this intrusion
The idea of REAL justice
Just another man made illusion

How do I know that it’s so
How can I be certain of this
Let’s just say I don’t need to assume
Because I know how it is

Not only is her body degraded once
But will be once again
When she is put under a microscope
By family and friends

And don’t forget a court system
Which claims to seek the truth
But it isn’t what you know
Only…what you can prove

I”m back to the “B” word again
I just can’t bring myself to repeat
The vile words used for women
By almost eveyone we meet

But the relationship is obvious
But I don’t mind shining some light
When we make demeaning women okay
We are saying rape is alright

No, you don’t agree?
I can see you are alarmed
You don’t find the word as evil
As sexual acts which cause harm?

If that is the case
You just made my job simple
To attack my name is as wrong
As assaulting my body…a temple

Am I making too much bother
About something you would not do?
Be aware my good brother
The world is watching you

You may not call her a name
Or sexually invade her space
But there are women you know
That could take her place

Do you care now?
Does it bother you more?
To think about your daughter…mother
Or the sweet girl next door

When we allow our fellow man
To make excuses for such acts
We submissively saying …okay
I have no problem with that

So I am asking you to be real
When “The Boys” are hanging around
Be the example that they need
Not just a face in a crowd

For when we allow this to happen
Foul acts and fouler names
We create a cycle of bitterness
Where the scars always remain

Be the voice of a Creator
Which screams NO MORE
Become the  watcher of HIS sheep
What you were created for

Think twice about your words
And those of others too
Stand up…be strong
Your path is waiting for you

Sweetest Devotion

Sweetest Devotion

She held her hands up to Him
Crying…why oh why
Our Lord acknowledged her presence
Why do you cry

My dearest Father
I ask for your help
I can’t stop crying
In spite of myself

Everyone I pass by
The suffering I see
I feel it within my soul
As if it happened to me

I can”t control my emotions
My lip keeps quivering
I feel abandoned…isolated
My entire body is shivering

My heart feels broken
Yet I have had no use
No one has tortured or threatened
No violence or abuse

Our Father who art in Heaven
Please fix what I broke
I am feeling too much
It isn’t a joke

God nodded slightly…my child
You are not afflicted
You’re experiencing compassion
Although times its explicit

Take it back she wailed
To where it came from
Our Creator frowned
His head…it just hung

I’ve given you a gift
A most splendid thing
To show you how others hurt
The sadness it brings

It’s important to have empathy
For others who are in need
So that we may find understanding
You are a dying breed

We walk away from each other
Turn our heads as we speak
Careful not to touch another
Not even in our speech

It’s not our problem we claim
We didn’t create this clutter
Placing ourselves above all else
Enough to make a hearts shudder

Empathy is a present to you
Why can’t you see
It realigns the stars
Brightens humanity

For if you fail to understand
What causes real tears to fall
Then your life here on earth
Has meant nothing at all

So go my dear child
Touch every soul you see
Enjoy the gift of insight
It’s for you from me

And as His voice did fade
He left one more thought
The journey of love
Is the thing that you got

Love your neighbor and theirs
Reach out while you may
For love’s eternal test
It starts for you today

So fret no more sweet one
Instead take with you a notion
Loving others as self
Is your God’s sweetest devotion

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